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There is no us. More about me…

Christine Khuri, average Lebanese human.

Usually, the “About Us” page includes information about an organization. I am not an organization or influencer. I am just Christine. And I want to change your mind about poetry. First, I want to make poetry fun again. To get to know me, your best bet is through my writing.

Second, my new motto in life is: authenticity, a real smile, and personal growth.

About me- Christy
My nickname is Christy. The tree represents life. The sun is shining on my writing. Some parts are hiding. Other parts I share.

You probably have many questions. Primarily, why should you listen to me? Put simply, writing is a way of life for me. I love writing. I have a deep interest in many topics. Somehow, I always return to writing. Ew. This is the part where I tell you about my credentials. Shut up, Christine. I am already saying that to myself. Additionally, I pursued a master’s degree in Migration studies, which was amazing. However, it came in the way of finishing my book.

Furthermore, as an undergraduate, I studied psychology to try to fix my emotions and irrational fears. That tells you how little I knew about psychology at the time.

Does writing make me insane?

Christine Khuri

For the longest time I ignored the words that taunt me.

For instance, I feared my imagination. Then, a pandemic happened, and I was forced to look at myself in the mirror. Why hoard all these words to myself?

Previously, my writing focused on academic essays and research.

Unfortunately, in an academic setting there is limited space for creativity.

Correspondingly, this is why I launched this site.

This site is not just about me. I hope to reach as many people as possible with poetry.

What can you expect?

  • Daily short poems (Except on Thursday).
  • On Thursday’s I will write blog posts on writing tips, psychology, and life.

Even though this is still our first date, I’ll tell you a little more about me…

To date, I have lived in a total of 5 different countries. Growing up, I relocated a lot. I am Lebanese but speak Arabic with a funny accent. To illustrate, I lived in Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, Switzerland, and Lebanon. Today, I am trying to find my place here-through writing.

Hopefully, I will encourage you to read more poetry and write your own. Forget the rules. Forget APA.

As a result, this website’s goal is to share the burden of emotions through writing. Put simply, I want to help people achieve their writing goals. This site exclusively provides, poetry, blog posts, and writing tips.

Still Confused about us?

Explore the site and ask me any question you want except a mathematical one.


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