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9 helpful friends to enemy quotes for a BFF breakup.

On ex-friends, relationships, and secrets. Do ex-friends make overnight haters?

Running up the stairs to make sure you are there. 

Running down the stairs to make sure I leave without a snare. 

Wistfully, waiting to see your face. 

Wastefully, panting to avoid you. 

Oh, how things change from night to day. 

Fr-angers (friend-strangers)

Don’t you despise friends that turned into strangers? We all have them. Maybe, we are them.

What if you are the one who walked away? Hey there, I am here to say, no matter what, I could never hate you.

Once you break your way past my walls into the squishy part called a heart, you are there for life.

Despite not calling, texting, or wanting to see you in the flesh- I still wish you well. More than well. I hope you are happy and successful.

Reasons why people drift apart

The whole “It’s not you, it’s me” speech is overdone. In reality, it is often both of us who are the problem.

The more we try to fix things by making conversations sound natural- the further apart we drift.

Do not feel bad about it though, it is only natural. Over the years, we change.

The new and improved or disproved version of us does not get along anymore. We do not understand the same jokes.

Perhaps, if our memories were wiped clean and erased, we would roll our eyes at each other and give the awkward one-up look and glare.

Not particularly liking anything we see or hating it either. Just indifferent. That does not erase the “us” we were before.

It does not ruin the memories because we were different then. Indeed, we were happy. Respect. The. Moments. We. Had.

No friends

Relatable quotes by wordsmiths who survived frenemy relationships

No matter what your reason is for quitting a friendship, here are some relatable quotes to help you deal with the disastrous aftermath.

If anything, you know other people have been through this too, even psychologists.


Idries Shah

“Enemies are often former or potential friends who have been denied-or think that they have been denied-something.”

β€” Idries Shah


Bill Watterson quote on friends.

“You know, maybe we don’t need enemies. Yeah best friends are about all I can take”

β€” Bill Watterson


I don't know what Edmond Mbiaka looks like.
Unsure of what the author looks like 😭

“Be careful of those who would only be around you if they are doing better than you. People of such nature would likely become your worst enemies if you start doing better than them .”

β€” Edmond Mbiaka


Bob Marley

“Your worst enemy could be your best friend && your best friend your worst enemy.”

β€” Bob Marley


Diana Palmer.

“How silly of us not to realize that the strongest friends make the best enemies; they always know where the weaknesses are hidden.”

β€” Diana Palmer


Warsan Shire.

“Two people who were once very close can without blame or grand betrayal become strangers. Perhaps this is the saddest thing in the world”

β€” Warsan Shire



“People change. Friends sometimes become strangers, but memories will never change.”

β€” Quoteswarehouse.com



“It’s sad when friends become enemies. But what’s even worse is when they become strangers.”

β€” Hayley Williams


Suzy Kassem

“Friends can become enemies, and enemies can become friends. Ego and pride can turn what is good into bad, and kind words can turn what is bad into something good.”

β€” Suzy Kassem

Perhaps, you noticed that a common theme in the quotes is the transformation of a friend to an enemy.

What if that does not have to be the case? Do we really have to become overnight haters? I vote no.

Sometimes, you can read your ex-friends.

Additionally, you will always have the inner circle details of your former friends’ insecurities.

Pesky buggers, those never really disappear. Likely, a person’s face and facial expressions are the same.

For instance, just by looking at them, you can tell if they are uncomfortable, scared, jealous, or happy. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

There was a time you could practically read each other’s minds. Notably, that does not go away over time. So, we have to respect the secrets we once had.

Friends insecurity

Ex-friend etiquette

An ex-friend breakup is sometimes harder than a real-life breakup. Especially, if they are the person you go to whenever you have a problem.

No matter how betrayed you feel though there are certain things you should never do as a former friend.

  • Don’t share secrets. Learn from the tv show Pretty Little Liars. Two can’t keep a secret unless one of them is dead. Do we really have to die though? How about everyone lives and we keep the secrets because it was different people who made those secrets. We owe them that much.
  • Don’t diss them or dig venom into their reputation. Put simply, at some point you rolled with them. Hence, there are some ways you were alike. Dissing them only proves that you are annoyed. Perhaps, you are dissing the older version of yourself.
  • No, don’t date their ex out of spite. This trait reeks of desperation unless it happened by accident. Sometimes, fate is funny. However, purposively going out with someone out of spite is malicious. You are better than that. πŸ™ If you are on the receiving end of this treatment, I’m sorry. You deserve better, in fact, you are better.
Backstabbing friends

Finally, let’s vow not to turn into overnight haters.

From lovers to haters. Friends to strangers. These cliched saying happen everyday.

The person you are thinking of when I said this. Think of them, the old them. 

Say their name out loud. Remember a fond memory.

Maybe, you are eating out in a restaurant. Additionally, chasing each other around the street.

That is who you both chose to be at that time. Happy. Life changes things. It is not your fault. We progress.

Please, try to not let the world change you. Leave the ill-fated feelings behind for you.

Backstabbing friends

Of course, every situation is different. If they are gossiping about you, damn straight, you have the right to defend yourself.

More specifically, if any kind of abuse happened, speak about it, “loud and proud”.

However, the friendships that ended organically- do we need to unhash it?

Besides, the word “END” is in friend anyway. Some relationships last, others dissolve. But at the time, you needed each stage of the friendship.

They helped develop the current present version of you. For that, we can say thank you, friends.

Also, thank you for reading πŸ™‚ From an anonymous, incognito friend, Christy.

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