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Anybody else afraid of needles? Vaccination time.

The 3 stages of COVID 19-vaccination for someone with a fear of needles.

Unpacking the word ‘vaccine’ – 

Vac – my vacation; -ine (suffix ) belonging to, resembling in nature. 

Saga 1 pre- vaccination . 

Vaccinating to vacation. 

Belonging to my anti-bodies. 

Letting a long penile stick prod me on my flabby bicep. 

The sharp prick scares me.  

Memories of a needle sticking in and out of the crossway between my forearm and bicep, repeatedly, haunt me. 

But I prod on - awaiting my vaccination date - just to vacation. 

Because I have to. 

Saga 2: vaccination time.

Both my mom and uncle, older than me by age, not spirit and mind, felt nothing after getting vaccinated. This puts me in a pressure pickle.

To illustrate, right after their vaccination, we walked around 15, 000 steps in the glaring Beirut sun, to an Indian restaurant and back.

No pressure. Lies. Now there’s pressure on me to do the same, feel less.

Tomorrow will only tell. Is there shame in pain?

Man vaccinating someone.

Fast forward: It is tomorrow 😭

7:20 am.

Arrival time: too early. The vaccination organizers rightfully didn’t reach yet.

Hence, I started fidgeting in a pint-sized line while standing at the front.

Fear haunts me. Oh no, I can’t be the first person to go. Correspondingly, I throw my brother and sister in front of me. 

An escape is unlikely. My name is registered and a woman on a desk blinks back at me. 

After stalling, with my name and number; I sit down.

Visibly, my fear must have been palpable. Since the kind man and woman reassured me- it’s quick. 

COVID-vaccine health passport scan.
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Like a baby, I turned my face to the side not able to look at the needle enter me. 

They distracted me with conversation. By the time I answered his question about something random, the vaccine was done. 

I did not notice the foreign object enter my body. That’s a success in my book.

Saga 3: post-vaccination 💉

Sorry folks, nothing life-altering or dramatic is happening.

In reality, the vaccine made me drowsy and sleepy.

I practically slept for almost a full day, which was a hearty change for my usual insomniac night-life.

The next morning, I woke up with red flushed cheeks and a rested and slightly dazed face.

Why I have so much fear for the vaccine: My cowardice came later in life.

As a child, I wasn’t deathly afraid of needles. In strike opposition, I was the doctor’s favorite little patient.

Why? I was a weird child who giggled when injected with needles.

Often asking for double the dosage – begging him, “Please let me take another shot”.

My brave years lasted till I was 19. Until a dodgy phlebotomist (i.e., person who takes your blood) failed to steal my blood.

Ok, steal is a strong word, I wilfully went into the center to get a blood test.

However, in total, he prodded me in both arms 7 times. My arms were bruised and blue.

Ever since I am high-key scared of needles.

Of course, I did not advertise my weakness and fear to people. Rather, hunting for excuses to delay the inevitable vaccination time.

Scary things people say about the vaccine

As the vaccination date looms, people tell you about others who had scary side effects.

“Phizer will kill you in 2 years”, a friend says. As if I wasn’t already a conspiracy theorist. I did not need more to gloom over.

My body feeds off fear and panic from those around me.

vaccination conspiracy

Conclusion..the whole event is underwhelming compared to all the talk

Truthfully, I low-key believe there is a lot of bogus entering my body. But I also acknowledge I am not a doctor.

Science is not my strong suit by a long shot. Relatedly, I retook a mandatory biology class in university twice.

Hence, I no longer know what is right or wrong. But I know taking a vaccine; minimizes the risk of this deadly disease.

Right now, that is enough for me to be convinced. I don’t need to know the scientific details or more. Instead, all I know is I want a vacation.


Do you have new fears as an adult?

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