Insects are attacking
Daily life poems

Are insects fighting back? My unknown guest shops.

Insects like shopping too. Biggie has the same taste in bags.

Is that a butterfly?

Two wings- nude, large, and majestic.

Look at her wing, I try. But fail.

At night, a rustling sound persists. Creating a tick.

At the exact time, I try to tuck myself into bed.

Still, I manage to doze off for 5 minutes. Biggie is not having it though.

She still wants to zero in on work. My snoring, wheezing, and heavy breathing bothers her.

Yet, she is on a hot mission.

11 am, she finds my new PJ.

12, am she finds my Michael Kors bag

1 am, she wins my COVID mask.

If she wasn’t keeping me from sleeping, I would almost be impressed.

For biggie and me, share the same taste in clothes.

Not a butterfly, not a spider.

Suddenly, this unidentified insect incites me to shop for a new wardrobe.

In the end, I wonder who got more annoyed, me or biggie?

Insects shop?
Do insects eat clothes?

My bedtime insect attack

At night, I was eagerly changing into my brand new, flowery PJs.

Indeed, we are at that stage of life where we get excited about jammies. I digress.

Swiftly, something that looked like a very large butterfly, jumped out of my nightgown, and into my favorite red shoes.

Weirdly, on the outside, it looked like a butterfly. But so big, I have never seen a butterfly so vast.

On the inside, it was fuzzy and spider-like. Possibly, a moth.

Is it a moth?
It looked something like this. Taken by Chantal Contorines.

This insect is the destroyer of my clothes and shoes. Nibbling at my favorites. Slowly, turning into the enemy. 

I jumped back scared. Irrationally, closing all the windows, scared that a swarm of them would attack me. 

Insects are attacking. I can’t be the only one who is fearing them. 

This year, I have seen more insects and animals than I have in 3 years. 

At times, it feels like I am in that zoo movie, We Bought a Zoo, where all the animals are out-and-about, walking in the streets.

Are animals plotting humankind’s demise?

Gray building
Photo by Kozymeii Kong on

This had me wondering, are animals fighting back? Finally, returning to the streets.

Do they think, the one-headed beings are disappearing, taking a break from this life? From living here.

Who knows? But I catch myself wondering, what are animals thinking? Are the tiny insects plotting their revenge?

I don’t blame them.

Are they falsely believing, that they have a chance to live out in the open without the pesticides, or humans, as we call ourselves?

Although I have a deep fear of most animals, I can’t help but think, it is not that they are attacking us, humans.

Instead, I believe they are simply responding to us.

We have taken over all the trees, knocked them down to make skyscrapers, homes, and those malls I love to visit.

With a little break, from humans being outside, destroying things. Animals were playing a game of hide-and-seek. Only hiding less.

This past year, we saw (via video) an elephant roaming the streets. Insect attacks. Moth attacks.

As well as uncanny, environmental storms – thanks to global warming.

Today, I am a full-grown adult, deeply terrified of insects. I’d be fibbing if I said I would stay in the same room with a spider without screeching.

Is it poetic justice though? Do we deserve this? Perhaps, we do. 

Elephants on street

Did I end up killing Biggie?

Hypocrite. Aye, that’s me. I considered lying and saying I did not kill biggie.

We braided each other’s hair and I watched silently all night as she, I am assuming it’s a female, nibbled on my belongings.

However, the consistent scattering noises proved too bothersome to me. Me, on the other hand, my fears won over my fake sense of morality.

Yes, I smashed the hybrid-butterfly spider over and over again. But she had a strong will to survive. Every time I hit her, she did not budge.

Fear causes hurt
We hurt what we don’t understand.

Still, peacefully mocking me. Perhaps, my right hook is too weak.

Or she is just very strong. Straight out of the Venom movie. SMH. I have no idea.

I tried vacating the room. Directing it towards the window. Waiting for it to fly away. Yet, it would not take my hint.

In the end, I proved to be a monster, that killed Biggie for annoying my precious sleep time.

Have you ever purposively killed something? The feeling is awful. In a sleepy haze, at 5 am, I smashed her repeatedly.

I barely remember it happening. Until, I saw the purple blood and residue on the grey parquet floor, in my room.

I felt like the worst shit in the world. Insects deserve better.

Insects swatter

Unmasking Biggie: Victim possibly identified

Unidentified victim found, murdered in cold blood. Purple blood residue left on the ground.

Polyphemus moths are insects
Photo of Polyphemus moth by: What’s that bug.

Murder weapon: missing.

Despite, the assailant confessing to the crime. The alibi given was a sleepy brain.

A brief Google search revealed a person who saw a familiar insect, identified as a Polyphemus moth. The author describes the insect as harmless.

Oh no, I am a killer of innocents. However, I am unsure if that is the insect I saw. Since Biggie’s wings were bigger.

She stayed rustling. However, as soon as I opened the lights, she disappeared.

Hiding somewhere, unseen. Her noises continued though. Until I killed her.

Are moths insects?

Conclusion: Will I ever learn?

I am selfish. For one micro-level inconvenience, I killed another being.

She probably felt pain. I did not even care just because I was sleep-deprived.

More specifically, scared it would eat or kill me. So irrational considering it is less than a quarter of my weight and height.

Besides, no matter how much you listen to rain sounds to help you sleep, insects can attack from anywhere.

Irrational fears can get humans like me, to be mean.

Perhaps, if we deal with our fears less horrible things and outcomes would occur.

Mostly, Biggie would still be alive.


Did fear ever make you do something horrible?

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