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Artificial emotions: What if your laptop could feel?

Can a laptop have fun? What do you think your laptop would say to you if it could speak?

Laptop baby: Ma, why can’t I walk like you?

You always walk with her. You let her run.

Me, you carry me around.

Are you afraid I’ll leave? 

Stop helicopter parenting me – I just want to walk.

(Coder) Mom: It is still not time. You can’t do that yet.

Laptop baby: I can answer questions, dictate, and play chess. I don’t get it. Why can’t I walk?

Mom: Stop. I’m busy.

Laptop: No, please don’t shut me down.

Laptop walks

Technology knows so much about us, but we know so little back

Think about it. Our laptops, phones, and cars know so much about us.

Algorithms follow our daily conversations, knowing when to send us pictures of those bathroom foot mats we were thinking of buying.

Additionally, cars drive themselves, if we let them. Apps tell us about our health when to eat, and even if we slept like sleeping beauty (or Ken).

Is there a limit to how far technology can feel?

Humans and robots

My animated laptop: Is it breathing?

Furthermore, do you ever listen in on your laptop’s noise complaints?

At times, mine, I will call her Petunia, makes unladylike burping sounds.

Unhitched noises of varying pitches. These vibrating sounds trick me into believing my laptop is hiccuping.

Perhaps, the only thing my laptop cannot do is walk. However, a lot of other technology can walk, and even have sex, like robots.

Humanlike things technology and robots can do.

Gently place your hands on your ears if you don’t like fetish talk. More accurately, scroll.

Technology today, can have sex, yes, intercourse, with humans.

Truthfully, I am unsure how I feel about that. A bit icky. I am making things weird again.

In response to people, like me, who have reservations about a robot’s sexuality, a scholar is pushing to repaint sex robots as a product for older and non-mobile people.

Chiefly, supporting later-life sexuality and the stigma that surrounds it. 

Likewise, this is a great service for people with disabilities who are unable or choose not to interact with others sexually.

Since robots can perform sexually, why is it so far off, to think they can feel?

Well, artificial intelligence (AI) masterminds are building systems that notice feelings.

Taking it a step further, by working on robots that feel compassion. This freaky process is called artificial compassion.

Humanlike robot

Automation: Robots as judges

Moreover, technology already judges us. Not with gossip or mean comments. But with actions and codes.

Automated algorithms know us, and fit our profile into a box.

This is apparent on our Instagram, Facebook, and even in our medical health records.

Health app

Woman, 154 cm, average weight, yellowish skin tone.

There, the computer already diagnosed me as possibly having a B12 deficiency.

They are the silent judges in so much of our everyday chores, tasks, and recreational activities.

However, can technology be fair? Perhaps, there is a missing element in technology, being the notion of unpredictability, humans display.

One day, a human can wake up and change. Or do something out of the ordinary. Like, quitting coffee. Or leaving a marriage.

In the human lifespan, things change overnight.

Laptop judge
Can computers be judges?

Conclusion: Is artificial intelligence worth it?

Finally, robots, phones, laptops, and virtual reality are already replacing certain human jobs.

Even, replacing the spots of humans in some people’s hearts and beds.

An inquisitive study found that people feel more at ease when a robot or virtual assistant is present during a live interview.

Wow, I wonder, do we feel more comfortable around technology vs. humans?

I don’t know. I am still on the fence. True, automation can certainly make things easier.

However, I like looking my barista in the eye, asking him or her, how their day was. I enjoy the little smiley faces they leave on my cups.

I like failing and even enjoy when people make mistakes like spilling coffee on me.

Whereas, the computer just cannot compete for me.

For now, I will stick to humans.

hug your laptop
Still, hug your laptop in case it can feel.

What would you miss most about an in-person task if artificial intelligence replaced it?

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