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ASMR food sounds: love or hate it?| But what is it?

Do ASMR food sounds make you feel sleepy, hungry, or icky?

Crunch. Munch. Hunch. 

Hush, a bunch of ASMR-less 

The mouth opens too

We can see your food wave hello, 
Mellow down your mouth archives.

Toe-to-toe with other noises and 
vocal fry. 

Yes-whispers win -you are making me 

To crunch or not to crunch?

My fine-dining crime: Choosing to crunch and munch. That is an etiquette faux-pas if I’ve heard one. Yet, it is much yummier. Freer.

For some reason, popcorn tastes more scrumptious when adjoined with a loud bite.

More satisfying.

ASMR chopsticks

What is ASMR?

ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response describes a tingly feeling, like when someone massages your head. However, you win the tingles by watching ASMR videos.

An ASMR video often includes a combination of triggers:

  • Auditory
  • Visual
  • Tactile
Fork and spoon

You can expect deep relaxation, tingles, and jingles from watching ASMR videos. Ironically, you never actually feel or experience eating the food or getting your hair brushed.

Relatedly, you just hear the whispers and sound effects. No words.

This ever-growing YouTube trend sedates people’s sensations. No need for sleeping pills, sedatives, or other types of drugs. At that moment at least.

This sensation begins in the scalp, then moves down the body. Triggered by tranquil sounds like crackles and whispers.

Think of it like someone playing with your hair, except, you feel that way from watching a video.

Feather ASMR

Food ASMR sounds

Furthermore, food ASMR sounds include licking, biting, and chewing sounds. All a fundamental part of the eating experience.

These videos are a shared or inside look into eating with a stranger online.

You are a voyeur who is invited to a dinner party with a stranger online thanks to technology.

Sometimes, generating food texture sounds from silent eating videos. Bite and chewing sounds excite our appetites.

Eating sounds should be synchronized with the visual event, like when the person closes his or her mouth.

This trend is so capitalizing that the advertising industry has taken notice. Impressively, ASMR ads are received more positively by viewers than non-ASMR ads.

ASMR brain massage

Hearing noises when you are hungry.

woman eating a pumpkin pie
Photo by cottonbro on

Food noises are mesmerizing. Except, when you are hangry.

Then, hell can break loose.

A person playing with a cookie or chips in front of me is a trigger.

My first and honest want is to knock it out of their hand and take a bite.

Same with people in restaurants who receive their order right before me.

Nothing hurts me more.

Wildly, my face shows that too.

Watching other eaters, waiting for them to stump, and say, “I’m full”. I am ashamed, but not that much since I am writing this.

On worse hungry days, I can get jealous of a little kid with ice cream. Or with a lollipop.

For some reason, these little humans are always eating something. Being around them makes me happily gain a KG or two (or more who’s counting ๐Ÿคช).

My worst food sounds

Crunching sounds just make me hungry.

However, slurping sounds like soup are a quick appetite suppressant for me. Bye, appetite.

A buzz-kill. Reminding me of soup. That scares me and returns me to my root problem: being hungry.

Another slightly distracting sound is a knife and fork scratching the plate. One or two people doing it is fine.

A room that is full of plate scratching not so much.

Although, admittedly, that cannot come in between me and a slice of four cheese pizza.

Especially, if it is from my favorite pizza place, Napoletana.

ASMR food sounds on YouTube.

Moreover, ASMR sounds are a hit on social media, particularly YouTube. People hearing a woman slurp pasta has a significantly high viewer count.

These sounds range from: turning people on, helping them lessen anxiety, laugh, and even sleep.

Can you imagine a food sound that makes you feel all the range of emotions?

For me, I think it is popcorn or cookie biting that relaxes me.

Popcorn aesthetic

Don’t leave empty-handed. Pick a food sound to listen to.

Since you already read a bit about ASMR, I am going to assume you are curious about the concept.

Maybe, you still didn’t understand it fully (I still don’t).

In my opinion, the most fun way to learn about ASMR is to watch a video of your favorite or most annoying sound.

Check out more bizarre food content here.

Which food sound makes you hungry?

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