Reaching for drone memories
Daily life poems

Beat the news. Save memories. Now.

Let’s catch our memories before it’s too late.

Drones. Droning out your thoughts.

Shots capturing your secret images.

Aerial 360-degree view of your life.

Like what you see? 

Imagine, this whole year was deleted.

Drone memories.

Deleted. Our memories can be erased.

If we do not record or keep some aspects of our lives today, that will be our fate. We are not Kardashians. All our memories are not recorded.

Sure, we can Instagram, Snapchat, and blog. However, years from now, would this data stay forever?

Here on Earth, what lives on the internet, stays forever. Nonetheless, we can get buried underneath the memories of those grander than us.

At least, that is what history shows us.

Recording every second of your life.

At another extreme, imagine, every second of your life was recorded. Try being a Kardashian for a day.

Unlike the Kardashians, our memories are saved in our brains.

Empty memories
Don’t leave your photos and memories empty.

But our memories of this past year are blurry. How can we know what’s real and fake in 10 years?

Likely, the pandemic will eventually be studied in history. You might wonder why does it matter?

Why is our shared memory important?

Repeated stimuli of people dying, or governments failing to provide equipment- push us to believe that we are neglected.

Conversely, stories of people helping one another, feel-good stories – are dimmed by politics and political agendas.

Be careful of the news you choose to listen to– for it will become your reality- or false reality.


Seeing what isn’t there 👀

Indeed, we are all quarantining. However, I do not have the signs of COVID 19.

None of my direct family members were afflicted with the sickness, and I am not sick.

Yet, the overwhelming feeling of isolation and helplessness follows me. The symptoms unknown to me- repeat in my mind.

However, I do not have a fever.

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There is a psychological term for it. But most will label me as insane.

However, did you know? Certain people even remember traumatic events that did not happen to them.

Specifically, fabricated truths have afflicted people on trial, victim-witnesses, and the reporting of war crimes.

To me, it is clear, the narrative the media decides might become the truth we believe in 20 years.

Also, the story our great-grandchildren will pass on.

news vs. memories
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Media narratives vs. our memories

History is funny. For, the victor is always the trailblazer.

Although told from a different perspective, the same historical character can be portrayed as the villain or liberator.

Catching memories

But, for us, in Lebanon, a country with a history of political neglect -there is a lack of consensus on a history book.

To this day, there is disregard and uncertainty regarding a solid history book.

To my dismay, one of the few documentations of arrays I studied in university, is a book titled, History of the Arab People, documented in the 19th century.

We can do better.

Please, let’s not let the memory of the recent 2020 Beirut blast be forgotten or tainted either.

History changes
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Our shared responsibility

Furthermore, we have a responsibility– to tell the world about disasters on our terms.

At large, we need a group of professionals to document evidence and set them up in a logical stance.

From a legal, historical, and event-based perspective. The WikiLeaks pages- will not be erased.

But, a factual update is needed. Perhaps, this is a story to take up with the academics and storytellers.

Sticky notes memories
Write down your memories.

Keeping memories alive

Instead, let’s focus on you.

To keep your micro-level memory alive, you can combat forgetfulness by writing up your ideas on paper.

If you do not like writing, orate your story. Write it. Take a picture of it. Tweet it. Dance it out.

Track your memories

Sharing is caring

With the arsenal of social media and technology at our fingertips, each person can narrate their version of events.

Do not underestimate your narrative- for it is exclusively yours. Document your ideas on your own. 

But, do not be afraid to share them with others. Like your family members, friends, and strangers.

Look at different stories.

Speak to others. You might find out that they have difficulties sleeping, eating, or working too.

In this vein, there is solidarity in numbers. Do not sweep your story under the rug.

As a country, Lebanon was already suffering, from the neglected collective trauma from the civil war.

Tales of despair passed down from generation to generation. Let’s not repeat history.

If you are a reader from another country, I am sure your country also has a story of pain and fear that is echoed and understood by the next generations.

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Dealing with what we want to erase: Hiding memories

We need to deal with our collective traumas, like COVID, and past traumas.

Bummer, we cannot wish away our traumatic thoughts and feelings. Not with God, science, or disbelief.

If God is your anchor by all means pray. However, also seek out a therapist. If you cannot afford therapy- join support groups.

However, we can all acknowledge that not everyone feels comfortable talking to a therapist. Maybe, you are more comfortable speaking to a support group or religious leaders.

Your husband, wife, or your best friend. Seek them out. Whatever calms down your nerves.

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Do not erase me: I am more than this year

In conclusion, perhaps my whole guise to start blogging was a fear of disappearing. Ceasing to exist.

I selfishly do not want to be erased. Perhaps, I am met with the striking reality of my mortality.

Sure, I know I will eventually die.

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But a stark reminder was never present in my day-to-day life.

Nowadays, I am more aware of myself and my surroundings.

I somehow feel compelled to track every detail of my feelings and emotions. In case, I do disappear.

I started this blog by asking, “what would happen if this whole year was deleted”?

Scarily, in history, it can be deleted. If we do not do something to record it. Whether it is through our drones, photos, or art.

Most of all, I do not want to forget.

drone memories

Is there a memory you are afraid of forgetting?

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