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Breaking news: No news. Stop being a news junkie!

Say no to multiple daily news alerts.

Stuck between caring too much and not caring at all. 

What we hear is what we believe. 

But, we hear too much. 

News story after news story. 

Sometimes, a walking obituary. 

Other times, a place to show off.

Sometimes, a place to hear a much-needed story about social justice. 

During worse times: A house of slander.

He dissed me, no she dissed him. 

An adult version of the school ground he said she said. 

A publicity stunt. A fear-monger. 

Again, we are stuck between caring and not caring. 

Is a headline ever enough? 

Too much news

Different types of people who watch the news 👀

News. A four-letter word taking over our lives.

At the fundamental level, there is a need to watch the news, to follow COVID 19 updates.

The rules, the regulations, the lockdowns. However, some people take it too far.

Do you know people who claim, don’t tell me about any news? I don’t want to know.

Here, their body is dealing with a direct threat through avoidance.

Then, there are the worrywarts who check so-called news updates every 30 minutes on social media.

Do you know people whose repeated exposure to the news leaves them unrealistically scared, impatient, and angry?

I get it. Watching so many great places fall, many political rifts, and young people dying is deeply distressing.

Corona updates
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Respect others mind space

Do you find yourself screaming at loved ones? Or preaching to others that the world is going to end?

Do you insist on showing others what is happening? Perhaps, by playing the news out loud. Additionally, sending links.

That’s not to say that you are wrong. However, try to limit yourself, to 3 news sources a day (maximum).

Yes, you need the “correct” information. But you do not want yourself to end up the next news story.


Yes, there are many valid and sane reasons to watch the news

We are trying to protect our bodies from the real threat of COVID 19. Thinking news is our answer.

In the Lebanese case, an additional threat of economic ruin, cultural destruction, homelessness, and political strife.

These are all valid reasons for fear. Pushing your body into survival mode.

Meanwhile, fake news and fake cures, and hacks for COVID are taking over social media pages. Take the time to fact-check.

A media panic is often created by powerful people. Trying to manipulate us for political gain.

Don't panic
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Don’t panic

The media is biased. Headlines are created to appeal to your: emotion, responsibility, and call for action.

While there are certain protections against libel- and flat-out lies, each media source is painted to get a reaction out of you.

Hence, do not let the media affect your emotional state or push you into action.

Natural disaster.
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Yes, you need to know if your country is advancing. If there is a fire, you need to know where it started, to avoid it.

Likewise, a natural disaster deserves coverage so that, you don’t find yourself walking into a deathly situation.

Indeed, the news is needed. News should be unfiltered. However, the burden falls on you to react appropriately.

A burning newspaper.
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Here are a few tips to fight fake news:

  1. Stop responding to clickbait. Do not read a headline only, especially on Facebook. Checkmate, it’s a trick. Often, articles are misguided or speak about a different topic. Scary. 6 in 10 people share a link without reading it.
  2. Don’t be catfished! Avoid tricks and mishaps by reverse image-searching pictures on Google. 
    • True, images speak louder than words. Images are used to evoke emotions like anger and compassion from audiences. So make sure, the image you are looking at is honest.
  3. Look at more than one media source. Read the opposition. Look at many sources
Fight fake news
Punch your way out of fake stories.

Everywhere I go… there’s a notification or more.

That said, fake news is almost unavoidable.

Essentially it is spread across various social media platforms, including WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, our key means of communication is technology. Especially, during the pandemic that left so many isolated from loved ones.

Yet, there is a time and place for our anger and emotions. Yes, you should care about the world. Yes, you should help others.

However, if the constant havoc of news is coming in the way of real-time conversations and relationships. Then, you know it is time to step back.

Step back from news updates

How to avoid the news

  • Spend 1 hour uninterrupted not speaking or mentioning politics.
  • Stop news pop-ups on Google Chrome using privacy and security settings. Trust me, it’s a life-saver.
  • If you feel like your surroundings are filled with politics, simply leave.

Realistically, you cannot escape the news. There, are too many real-life influences and stimuli around you.

However, you can control certain aspects of your environment. Focus on what you can control.

  • If your addiction is online, log out or filter content.
  • If your news stimulater is a person or yourself, remove yourself from a conversation for an hour. Instead, spend time on leisure activities.

In some ways, news can make you feel helpless. Or multiply your fears.

To counter panic, work on a small achievable goal.

It can be as simple as washing the dishes. Make your bed. Read 2 pages of a novel.

The point is to feel like you are succeeding at something.

Don't overreact about news
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How much time do you waste?

During tremulous times, I find myself watching the news every night.

Now, I took out the notification alerts on my phone. Only going on media sites when I need to.

I am curious, how long do you spend reading vaccine updates? Do you feel like you need a break?

Specifically, I want more positive stories vs. political ones and heartbreaking ones.

In conclusion, it is possible to have no news. It is not radical. Pick your days of the week or hours to unplug.

You deserve a brain-cation.

Reading news

Is no news, news?


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