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Bringing the Crying Boy home. Cursed painting?

Before I start telling you the story of the Crying Boy painting in my mom’s bedroom. Does the image make you feel funny? Or am I seeing things?

A fiery spark on a willowy wall.

All my attention on green granitized eyes.

Colors hover into my mind publisher.

Erring me closer to a crying boy. A decoy.

Enjoy the view.

Nails on a rickety wall – in a bedroom hold a story of a 1980’s pressroom curse.

We choose to let it in.

Welcome, ye curse or art.

A damned crying boy sits nailed to the wall.

All hail the crying boy –

He has captured years of love, hate, angst, and fear.

What is the secret behind the crying boy’s eyes?

red solar flare.
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About the actual poem. I don’t usually write based on a prompt. Whatever feeling I get in life I write down.

For the first time, I am looking at a painting as a prompt. Just as I was thinking: Hmm, what should I write?

Like a scary gift, the crying boy landed on my doorstep.

See me? I’m calling you.

My first time really looking at the Crying Boy painting

Legs crossed. Right over left. Sitting on a patterned seat in a TV room.

From the corner of my eye, I spot a little boy squinting at me, calling me to help.

From far, the details of his face do not show.
But, his facial expression is strong.

5 meters away- Just a boy putting on a show.
3 meters away– A boy with two tears.
2 meters away- A fire scarf wrapped around an innocent neck.

Up close- a murderer pretending to be innocent.

From across the hallway, he calls, all the ghosts of memories past and present to save him.

Crying boy screenshot from Wikipedia
Screenshot from Wikipedia

A creepy painting invaded my home: Mixed Feelings

It all started when my mother, who is addicted to bidding on collectibles, bid on a knitted painting, of the Crying Boy.

The image featured a little boy with green eyes, and prominent tears streaking down his face.

At the surface level, it is just a painting. But it involves weird feelings.

As soon as my mother brought this Crying Boy home, at first glance something about him felt weird.

Honestly, I thought he looked like a boy from Austria, possibly during the World War.

Whereas, my mom thought of him as her long-lost son. She said, her heart fluttered when she saw him – begging her to take him home.

Crying boy painting

My dad via video chat – thought he looked like my brother when he was younger.

My brother, on the other hand, viewed him as a creepy murderer. Straight out of a horror movie.

Initially, my brother was the first family member to have an issue with the Crying Boy.

Mixed reviews: Controversy ridden

One faux painting can cause so much emotional charge before, it even reached my parent’s bedroom wall. 

Turns out, the real painting also caused a ruckus from the start. 

Burning house

Linked to a fire curse. Every home burning down according to a firefighter from Essex on September 5, 1985.

After learning the sordid details, instantly, the painting looked like fire wrapped around the boy’s neck.

History of the Crying Boy…. infamous

In the 1950s, this painting was mass-produced and distributed.

Italian painter, Giovanni Bragolin, with the pen name Bruno Amarillo, is the mastermind- behind this art.

The image stayed popular until the 1980’s- causing chaos wherever it went.

In particular, a firefighter witnessed the image survive a fire in the 1980s.

In South Yorkshire, in England, the homeowners’ Mary and Ron Hall, lost most of their belongings in the fire.

The only surviving item, the Crying Boy painting, undamaged. In 1985, The Sun published that the painting was cursed.

Hereby, starting a streak of fires.

Giovanni Bragolin painting

The rumor about the boy in the painting

Another rumor indicated that the person who posed for the painting accidentally started a fire that killed his parents.

Still, very debatable.

This rumor had less-tract. In 2000, Tom Slemen’s book identified the boy in the painting as Don Bonillo.

However, journalist David Clarke debunked this statement.

Newspaper story of curse
Photo was taken from Altas Obscura

Conclusion: Should we keep the Crying Boy?

The painting that landed on our doorstep is one of the many alternative versions of the same painting.

Ours arrived in a neat package. A knitted artwork of the copied image. I am unsure, which print version is the actual original.

All images have a boy crying, with two tear streaks running down his face though.

Knitted version of crying boy
Pictures of the Crying Boy version in our house.

EEK, reading the story at first was entertaining.

However, I don’t think I believe it. My theory is that maybe, the first house that burned was a coincidence.

Afterwards, fanatics started burning homes where the painting lived. Perhaps, it is true. Not a coincidence.

This so-called curse was in the 1980s. I think we are safe now in 2021 (I hope so).

There is still so much unknown about the painting.

All the sources I could find were on Wikipedia or blog posts on Medium.

Hence, I am still unsure where the original crying boy painting is. How much it costs. And so much more. If you are an art connoisseur, please contact me.

We’d be insane if we didn’t double-guess keeping a bad omen living and breathing in the same place we did.

Belief and superstition are tricky. I wonder if weird dreams will happen.

In the end, the painting is here to stay (for now).

Sleep tight
Sleep Tight.

Would you leave an image of the Crying Boy in your house?

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t like even talking about the curse the one I have is as cursed as they come it is a curse that has almost killed me and and was untouched in my house fire and stood over and watched me and my partner burn and no one in my family or friends the of the curse we only found out after months in hospital I was told I died out front of the house I still have the cursed boy painting it what is really creepy is it looks like me as a kid and has my name in the corner I’m living proof and I sware the curse is one real thing I have thought of selling the curse the boy has cost me a house a car ruined my relationship and tried killing us the cursed boy is behind the Door in my room facing the wall I can’t move him if I look at what is like looking at myself as a boy that was crying

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