Daily life poems

Can we smile more? Are we living like we’re dead?

We can’t force people to smile. But, maybe, we shouldn’t leave them frowning alone.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

You’re not dead.

I see you, do you see me?

So, why are you standing in a corner all sunken and alone?

Come over here, give me a sneak peek of your favorite memory.

You might not feel like yourself.

You are still a human. Somebody’s person.

So, stand in the corner, if you want. You don’t have to smile.

But stand proud.

Stand with me.


Is a socially distanced life a death sentence?

Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder, if the elderly that died before the past two years are lucky.

Unfortunately, life today is simply lonesome. Especially, for the elderly stuck in care facilities.

I keep remembering an image of an old lady, sitting in a chair, looking out the window, waiting for a loved one.

Not understanding why nobody would see her 😭.

Her last few days were spent alone in a hospital bed. Is this life or death?

Are we living like we’re dead?

I guess it is still life, since, tragedy has and will always exist. Maybe, this was mankind’s reminder that life is fragile and quick.

In response, we need to slow down. We have been spending our time on things that do not matter. Like the way our face looks.

A mask covering half our faces shows us, we do not need to see a person’s lipstick, to have an in-depth conversation.

Old person looking at window

I refuse to believe this is our end

There is more to us than COVID. More to us than our last minutes spent alone.

Perhaps, this is a mean-spirited reminder that – we need to focus on other people more. Conversations.

There is nothing like spending a year in isolation to remind you how awesome people are.

How much you love: the sound of people fighting. Bickering. Laughing.

Yes, even the sound of people mocking you.

grayscale photography of people walking near buildings
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All of it. I want it all. And unfortunately, I will not settle for less. Not anymore.

Little things, like fear and embarrassment, will not stop me from doing what I want, or love to do.

Since you never know when you are forced to stop doing the things you love. This year taught me that amply.

Strangely, I am grateful to have learned this lesson.

To have matured. To have understood me better than I ever have.

I just wish so many people did not have to die for me to learn this lesson.

We will all smile again

Yikes, presumptuous of me to assume that you are not smiling now. Maybe, you are.

Perhaps you never stopped. I sincerely hope so.

Still, a smile is a funny little phenomenon. Shaping so much of our personality.

So much so, that the world has spent millions on braces. For our smile is the portal to our soul or, so they say.

Braces smile

On smiling. You’re a natural darling.

Why does it take miles to make someone smile, and a simple jab to make another laugh?

Additionally, were we all born unhappy?

Some sprinkled with an extra dose of dopamine. Others using dope (and more) to try to feel.

Likewise, why do some feel so much when others struggle to feel?

No, they don’t have magic potions (I think). 

A fairy godmother standing on their shoulder.  

Happiness comes from within you.

Yes, you might need to try harder. Work at it more. Even go to therapy. 

Whereas, they just stand and find happiness in a pizza.  

Nonetheless, happiness is for everyone. Anyone can find and own it. Not from money. 

Instead, from loving and being loved. From caring for yourself and noticing the little things around you.

Weird potato
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Conclusion…Are all smiles created equal?

Lastly, not every smile is a sign of happiness. In detail, there is a smile for almost every emotion.

Awkward smile. Scared smile. Creepy smile. A smirk.

The list goes on and on. No, not all smiles are created equally.

The genuine happy-go-lucky smiles are more difficult to spot now. That does not mean they are nonexistent.

Happiness can come from anything. Joy is possible for anyone.

Despite our psychological issues, anxiety, and fear- we will all feel a burst of happiness eventually.

Even if it is only for a moment. For 60 seconds of the day. It still existed.

My goal is to extend that minute as much as possible.

Smile and hide.

What kind of smile do you have today?


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