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Can you guess what the worst text to receive is?

Text the next person who talks to you, “OK”. How do you think they will feel?

Sent: “OK”. 

            Read at 8:08 am. 

That is my last text. 

Narrator: Ok, lost your words somewhere there hey. 

Led astray in an emoji cluster. 

My reply: No emojis or sentences can describe my anger,

Masked as dissociation. 

Needling you in a trap. 

Am I angry or not? 

9/10 times, it’s my anger.

Why is ok the worst text message?

  • K
  • …OK
  • OK.
  • Oki

All OK’s have a way of triggering my fight response. However, a simple, lonely K- is the driest of them all. Often, meaning an emotional war.


Does that mean I am angry or happy?

You tell me. 

It’s a trick.

A misfit hit. Passing you instead of a hit. 

In French, sometimes an “i” is added to the ok, transforming into an Oki. Leaving me even more confused 😅.

Now, I have to do guesswork in different languages too. I already jump to conclusions enough.

How OK started in text

Originally, OK was a goofy misspelling of “All correct“.

Now, it has transformed into a word with many angry, dry, and sometimes disinterested meanings.

OK sign.
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

What ok means: Angry human translation

It was okay, I think I did okay.

Angry translation: He/She is fuming and dying on the inside. That person did horribly.

One researcher found, that OK is an indicator of anger. Granted, there were only 97 participants. It would be interesting if different studies agree.

Even worse, is when you add a full stop after your K. That can come across as insincere.

The mystique and mystery of the OK text(s) keep everyone on their toes. Looking back into their memory archives, waiting to see if they made a mistake.

Did I piss them off? You are lying if the thought did not cross your mind when someone sends that ambiguous text.

The worst part of the OK text is being left wondering. Worse, you start filling in the details.

In the end, you are left with a scenario that is probably worse than the one that occurred.

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Making up conversations

Ouch. There is nothing worse than a made-up conversation. One of those you have where you rehash every possible outcome. Scenarios.

You start wrongly behaving like a Hollywood director. Sadly, most of us are not Steven Spielberg.

Our scenarios are only true for ourselves and seen by us. The only way to know what another person meant by OK is to ask.

Wasted. Time. Thinking. Of. The. Ending.

Just save your time and ask.

Whatsapp text meaning.
A “K” text is a speedy way to be read and ignored.

The only time OK is OK (in my book).

OK. Not every word needs an analysis. Please let the detective work end today.

If you are confused, ask. Or move on. Truthfully, Ok just means OK sometimes.

To illustrate, I use the text Ok, without any emoji, when a very close family member or friend asks me to do a mundane task.

When someone, for example, needs help looking at their essay. My quick reply is OK. Since I will get right to it in a minute.

I am in too much of a hurry to waste on formalities. That is with the close-knit people though.

A stranger, I might fill in those filler words like, “My pleasure”.

Some OKs are made as a strong affirmation. I need you. Ok. The left is left unwritten (cue Laguna beach theme song) – since you are on the way to help.

Running or walking. The urgency of it all does not wait for a text.

Trying to stop saying K and …ok.

When I am extremely angry, the urge to text K, especially after a fight is tempting.

However, that is not helpful.

Nobody can know why you are angry or your feelings are hurt if your thoughts are muted.

I was guilty of that. Never saying my emotions.

Holding back my anger. Until, one day, I just decide to stop talking to them.

As a result, of the growing stack of things I decided they wronged me with. A lot of the times they did wrong me.

Nonetheless, just quitting conversations and relationships is also toxic.

I never noticed it till I read all the testimonies of people who were hurt because someone randomly stopped talking to them. This is one of my greatest faults I think.

In my mind, I think I am doing us both a favor, by avoiding the drama and conflict. No fight means no problems.

Indeed, I do not talk shit about them either. So, the scenarios are wiped clean from my memory. Deleted. That’s what I do to people when they annoy me.

While I do not have to keep people who make me question myself in my life. I realized that it all starts with actions, like leaving OK’s in messages.

A series of K’s build-up, to make a whopping manifesto of pent-up feelings.

Nowadays, I send my OK’s only for mundane and annoying tasks. Not when I am angry.

How about you? Do you use Ok a lot?

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K, bye.

What was the last text you sent?

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