Car trouble
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Car: please stop vomiting. My family’s cursed day.

Did your car ever get mad at you?

It is not every day that a car vomits on the ground, in front of, a grocery store.

But today’s the luckiest unlucky day, of this month at least. Actually, it was a Tuesday, I am writing from the future.

Riha-ha- a bad omen, a curse. Please, not today. A simple, boring Tuesday ended in (fun) car trouble.

car mirror

On the way to a doctor’s appointment

We were driving on the way to the doctor’s office, for a check-up.

Two family members were accompanying my sister because well, we are Middle Eastern.

I was a plus one. Just there because I wanted to shop and eat out in the stores near Achrafieh.

At 7 am, my sister woke me up to start getting ready for the appointment.

Please note, I did not have coffee. This is only important because I am a hangry angry person in the morning. 

Additionally, I did not sleep that well because I started a new Turkish show, and slept at 5:30 am.

Anyway, I got dressed.

wake up, coffee and clock.
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If you do the math (I can’t, because I suck at numbers), I barely slept.

Hence, the car ride was sort of like my napping zone. Relaxing my senses into sleep.

Until the car started making a funny Grrr sound. Kind of like it was screaming at us. That’s never good. Loud sounds are not helpful.

Also, how rude. Interrupting my sleep like that.

Halfway through, it made another noise. This time, the sound, halted my mom into a stop on the side of the road.

There, she expertly turned off the car for a couple of minutes. Then, turned it on again to continue driving to the doctor’s appointment.

While driving, it got stuck again. She rested it one more time then continued.

car stopping

How we ended up with a vomiting or shitting car

The last time the car screamed at us was the fatal charm. In effect, landing us on the curbside of the road.

Smoke started to leak out of the hood of the car. That’s never good. But we still didn’t think much of it.

After leaving the car, the car vomited or self-dedicated brown mud (I think), that looked like lava.

The best way I can describe it is like the car’s water broke.

car residue
This was the after-effect. There was more mud on the ground but I did not have time to photograph it.

Buzz. Tik. Tok. Remember, we had a doctor’s appointment in 10 minutes.

Hence, my mom told my sister and me, to continue walking to the hospital. Luckily, the car stopped 8 minutes away from the hospital.

I won’t bore you with the boring and private details of the doctor’s appointment. But yay, it went well.

On the way back, we stopped by a coffee store, to drink a white chocolate mocha, since I did not drink coffee yet.

Needless, to say I misunderstood my mom on the phone, thinking that she already left the spot on the street with the tow truck.

But she didn’t. Luckily, I called her and caught her in time, before calling a cab.

Imagine, I left her stranded, that would have been truly unforgivable.

My first time riding in a tow truck

Grocerry store

Furthermore, 7 minutes later the tow truck reached the front of the disgruntled grocery store.

P.S. the grocery store’s feelings were hurt because the car vomited on its floor. Nobody likes the smell of vomit.

Ok, you might think this was an unlucky day. But, it was a very exciting one for me.

See, it was the first time I rode in a tow car.

All the cars and the street seemed so tiny and small. There was something almost therapeutic about riding up there.

It reminded me of a carousel ride. Sometimes, bumpy and rough. However, its calming effect wins.

Also, the tow car arrived surprisingly fast, for a country that is going through fuel shortages.

car broken down

My mom rode in the front with the tow car driver and I rode in the car (at the tail).

Eventually, we reached the garage. Where, on the way down, I was offered a hand down the tow car.

But like the stubborn and overly confident klutz, I am; I decided to jump down.

Consequently, I slammed my back on my mom’s car door. Leaving a nasty scratch.

Har, har, I’ll stop being a baby, it was not that nasty. It looked like a cat’s scratch.

Yet, at the time, I did not scream, because well, I have my pride.

In the end, nothing worse happened. It was a weirdly fun day.

back scratch

The tow truck inspired me to write a short dribble, blubber, not really a poem 👇🏼. Before you go, read my overly sensitive thoughts below.

Car vibrations 👇🏼.

tow truck
Vibrations of the engine wake my body up.
Feel the movement sways through the door.
Outstretch your arm outside the passenger seat window.
Do a belly flop like when you go on a rollercoaster.
As for me, my stomach only dances when I close my eyes.
That is when I become one with the car.

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car trouble

Did your car ever break down before an important appointment?

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