Fix me please
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Dear funny humans, stop trying to fix everyone.

Fix yourself a quick laugh. Never mind. If you don’t feel like laughing, don’t laugh.

Funny girl, you don’t have to be smiling.

The world was not made for you to fix.

It just exists.

Funny boy, you don’t have to be hiding.

Your feelings matter to me.

Funny boy, funny girl. Just be honest.

We see you.

The world can make you laugh too.

If you are funny, watch this.

A message to the fixer-uppers 🔧

First, what is this perpetual need, we humans, think, we need to fix?

Problem-solving. It is so ingrained in our brains.

It is credited as a valuable tool. Something, to live up to.

It also causes extreme pressure on people. Trying to carry the weight of every single person’s pain, anger, fear, and hatred.

Imagine, a nifty tool that can steal everyone’s deep-dark ideas, fear, and pain.

Would you want a machine like that? I imagine that is what God or a psychic hears every day.

Person trying to fix a puzzle.
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Stop fixing people

You cannot fix people. Try it. I dare you.

No matter how many psychologists keep repeating it over and over again, we like to torture ourselves and try to fix things.

Always fixing other people’s problems.

Sign a contract
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Please just say it out loud. Mention your name. Make a verbal contract with yourself.

I insert your name, declare I will no longer try to fix humans.

Indeed, humans were born to make mistakes.

Flawed. Each curated in a package of judgment.

Yesterday, I was watching the tv show, The order.

Funnily, a demon, looked just like a man, in a suit. His ultimate weapon was taking away people’s fear.

Man in suit
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Fear. A powerful tool. We run from it.

Without fear people would jump off buildings, butcher their fingers in food processors, and practice cheer jumps from the top of buildings.

This got me thinking (EEK not, again). I am a chronic over-thinker.

Don’t worry, that’s tomorrow’s problem.

Fake laugh to fix things

Hi, funny person.

Today is much more special. To address, you, a butterfly of a person, who makes us laugh.

If you are one of the funny ones, I am scratching my way past my laptop screen, to hug you.

As corny as it sounds, I feel lighter when I speak to people like you. Sometimes, though, I catch a glimmer of self-disdain in your eyes.

I don’t understand how you don’t see how great you are.

Even if you weren’t making us laugh, we would still like you. Ok, maybe, even love you.

I promise. It is not your job to make us laugh. Anybody can pop open a funny meme.

Or better yet, crack a joke to themselves. I secretly believe, we all find ourselves the funniest people.

Laughing at our own jokes louder than anybody else.

Crying blocked: Don't fix your tears
Crying blocked.

Let other people tell jokes: A speedy fix

Laughing. Jokes. That is some people’s love language.

Their processing language. Even their hate language.

To illustrate, a JK, after a mean comment, most of the time, is the truth.

Some cliches are true. For example, the truth hurts. At times, it is easier for people to hear the truth through a joke format.

I read in a physics book once, that math is the language of physics.

Here, cracking jokes is the language of the problem-solvers. And the laughing at my pain type of people.

Stop badgering me. I am people.

What does laughing have to do with problem-solving and fixing things?

Let me explain. Throw it back to childhood. Think back to a horrible fight between adults you love.

The backroom fights. You want the ground to open its doors and swallow you.

There is always one brave little being in the family that distracts you. Makes you laugh. Letting you run away from the haunting screams.

A mediator. Sometimes, these little family warriors grow up to be jokesters. Funny friends.

Maybe, you were hiding from the sound of hitting.

As soon as a slap is echoed across the bedroom rooms, a cooky joke is told.

In a funny voice, mimicking a person, who just inhaled helium.

That is where their instinctive need to make things be better is created. To make people feel at ease. The fixers.

Well, I’m here to tell you, I am broken and nobody can fix me. Don’t let that affect you.

Stop trying to fix fights.
Funny people are born from conflict.

Let people make you laugh 😅😂🤣

Jokes are not only made to be told. Blurted out, at the perfect time.

Comedic timing is important. So, is hearing your laughter.

Let people make you laugh too. And smile. Other funny people exist.

If you just stopped, trying to fix every awkward situation – you’d notice someone else jumping in with a joke.

That’s ok. You don’t always have to be the one to make them laugh.

You don’t always have to be the same person to everyone. Or everything to everyone.

Fix it.
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Who to go to (totally biased opinion)

Furthermore, when you don’t feel like laughing, go to your funny friend.

If you don’t find anyone funny; the next best option is to go to your friend who is a good listener.

It’s ok to speak up. It’s ok to complain.

No, it does not mean you are winey, a baby, or an inconvenience.

Notice, how I said to go to a friend who is a good listener. Some people are just feel-good friends.

They have you as a friend for jovial purposes and comedic relief.

Just like you have friends for going out and drinking or dancing. Work friends. And people you only see from time to time.

Go to a listener.

Most of the time, those are not the people to vomit your emotions on.

On the other hand, the people who listen to you, care.

The soft-hearted people whose eyes mirror yours when you tell a story.

Let them indulge you too. Spoil you.

Conclusion … laugh your way to tears

Laugh. And laugh some more.

You know that feeling when you’re laughing so hard – suddenly tears start falling.

Or you are chopping up onions on a cutting board, then, your eyes trigger a water response.

The next thing you know, you’re crying.

Not just crying. Sobbing on top of your uncooked food. Flavorless water seasoning your food 😭.

Cutting onions: Fix your no crying problem.
Cutting onions

Moreover, you train to be more outgoing. Bam. It works.

In my opinion, the same is true for opening up. The more you talk. The more you get used to it.

On a day you are feeling down and desolate. Resist the urge to tell a joke.

Where you would put a joke, let silence take the lead.

  • You’ll be surprised by all the jokes people will make.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of awkward silence.
  • When nobody makes a noise, a person will always fill it.

As Drake recently said in his song, laugh now, cry later:

Sometimes we laugh sometimes we cry.

To add to that, sometimes we laugh and we cry at the same time.

There’s, no shame in any feeling. No timeline on the right time to laugh or tell a joke.

Finally, laughing like everything in life takes practice.

So, go practice listening to jokes. Go practice opening up. You get a pass, no more fixing today.

When was the last time you cried while laughing?

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