To show how I am afraid of life.
Daily life poems

Dear Life, brb. Stop hurting us.

Life you keep stinging me.

Like a child with a stunt gun: you shoot shoot shoot without knowing the havoc you reek.

With the ease I involuntarily breathe -you kill 100 kids in Nigeria.

Breathe. A child in Syria just got shot.

Breathe. A child in USA got bullied. Breathe a child in Beirut was born.

Breathe. A child in Geneva is sweating , she’s about to get her first kiss.

Are we to rejoice ? Are we to weep?

I run. I run run from you.

In my sleep, I resist.

To show how life issues can cause poor sleeping habbits.
Using sleeping pills

I resist your reality.

Yet even sleep is not sacred to you.

Pop. A teenager died of an overdose.

A life that was ruined by pills in a plastic container.
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Pop. A grandmother died in her sleep.

A woman's life is taken in her sleep.
Photo by cottonbro on A woman’s life is taken.

If what falls irrevocably gets up , and what is so high will always fall. Then, we are inevitably stuck-

            on the escalator of life.

Down. Up. Up. Down.

Simultaneously, you introduce me to the joys and pains of life.

In 7th grade I learned , juxtaposition is an effective literary device utilized to bring attention to a situation.

Am I your literary device?

If so , please put me down.

I wrote this poem at a dark time in my life. Exactly 3 years ago. I could never have imagined what life would be like 1 year from now. Today, as I type this, it is March 1, 2021. Yet, I still feel the same way. Except, I wish I could slap the younger version of me in the face.

Those were the good times in life.

We walked. We went for drinks at the local bar. Strangers hugged each other sometimes. In a non-creepy way. Dancing. Sitting in a restaurant.

Going on a walk to buy a snack. You ask the man on the aisle next to you to hand you the cereal box you cannot reach. Without hesitation he agrees. You meet a stranger and shake her hand. You drunken(ly) hug random people in the women’s bathroom.

The sun is shining. You are on the beach. Tanning happily. Random people ask if they can borrow sun lotion. You agree.

Those were the simpler times.

Again, I ask and wonder, what will life be like in year?

Apparently, I am not the only one. A new movie is out called, Life in a Year. It is about love. A boy tries to grant a lifetime of experiences for his girlfriend who is dying in a year.

I still haven’t watched the movie. But the concept fascinates me.

I look forward to tracking these lifetime changes. Interested in more topics on this theme? Check out our daily poems.

Please remember to stay dreaming (and in color). Dream of something that makes you smile today 😊

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