To show you can climb a mountain backwards.
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Do things backwards: Win the race

Doing things backwards surprisingly works.

How do you climb a mountain?

It is simple right.

Just one step after the other.

I have to at least try.

It is not Everest.

But it is MY mountain.

However, I cannot climb today.

Every step forward I stumble back a couple more.

My engine is stuck in reverse.

I guess I can climb the mountain backwards.

Maybe, then I can climb it.

Try walking it backwards.
Just try it once.

Win the race.

Do you ever do things backwards?

Personally, I always read the end of a book before the beginning.

I always start writing with the conclusion and figure out the rest as I go along.

Furthermore, I start a TV show in the middle of the season.

photo of Netflix on television screen
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That’s why everybody hates watching with me. My curiosity gets the best of me.

Weirdly, I never really gave it much thought. I reasoned that it was just a weird and annoying habit of mine.

Until I came across this article that says, people who think backwards are more successful.

Backward planners display better performance rates. In other words, they win the performance race.

In some educational spaces, this is labeled as backward planning. Start with the big event then move on from there.

In a way, deductive reasoning is a type of backward planning. Where, we already have the result or theory. We work backwards to figure out the internal details. We go back, layer-by-layer trying to figure things out.

Where can we apply backwards planning?

  • Projects
  • Exercise routines
  • Recreation

A backwards technique can apply to anything. Apparently, squatting in reverse works.

Exercise in reverse
I have no idea what this exercise move is called. I am very unathletic.

A reverse crunch. A reverse plank. You can reverse just about anything in your body. Hence, doing things backwards helps with our exercise regimen. Maybe, it can also help exercise our mind.

Having the end goal in the back of your mind, makes the process clearer and more straightforward. You already took the big risk.

To show how there is a risk in starting at the end regarding time.
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You did the hardest part; you made the decision. Now , you just need to figure out the details.

Unique take on thinking backwards:

Moreover, a random person on Quora asked the question, “Do you ever think backwards”? Another person responded, “Yes, narcissists do”. Maybe it is true. Narcissists are the best manipulators. Also, why don’t we take these skills and flip them in a positive manner?

Final thoughts

Backwards this sentence I just wrote. Christine is my name. You love me. You hate I. Me from run.

All the sentences above were written backwards. Some sentences actually make sense. If I wanted to emphasize my name, it is helpful to start with my given name, Christine. Other times- the whole meaning of the sentence changes. For instance, just because I love you, does not mean you love me. Consequently, some sentences do not make sense.

You love me strikethrough
This sentence backwards is wrong.

Go ahead, use this technique. However, also use your judgement. Not everything works in reverse. Yet, it can help you start things, especially when you are stuck. Trust yourself.


  • stadarooni

    Wow, I’ll let you know that thinking/doing things backwards is something I have never given thought to, beyond exercises like reverse crunches (like you mentioned here!). I can, however, think of a lot of places where backwards planning works well – writing essays, with the endpoint in mind, can help as we then lead our details to that conclusion. The opposite may build off of a beginning, but I think knowing the end is crucial for structure! (That can apply to a novel, let’s say, too.) As you clearly display at the end of your post, though, there are definitely things that will work better backwards and judgement is important. I suppose that we can think about work backwards in any given situation while considering something, which might make us realize that we shouldn’t actually work backwards in said situation… Working backwards to not work backwards! That aside, determining the process of progress is something we should always consider as life always throws curveballs that require different approaches. Thank you for another thoughtful post and an introduction to a new way of thinking, for me!

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