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Do you shower in the morning or nighttime? | Intimate

Are you team shower or bath? The 3 different stages of cleansing your body.

Take 1: Morning showering ritual to cleanse

Naked. This is how this story starts.

Except you are moving on autopilot mode.

You do not look down.

Pass the soap. Splitter. Splatter.

It is time to cleanse – your only dilemma is: to shower or bathe.

More like, to sit in your own filth – or wash away the dust and pollution outside.

Take 2. Nighttime shower to cure the aches.

In a bathtub – she stands, looking up at the shower rail.

Pour on me, please – warm wet watering droplets fall.

Raging water smacks my back erasing, the aches and shakes.

High stakes are being decided inside these air condensed four walls.

I confess I spend way more time than I need to mull things over here.

Shower vibes

Take 3: Relaxing evening bathtub vibes.

I rest my hand on the side railing, possibly lying in my filth.

The thought does not bother me as I sip a hint of coffee and flip a page from a book.

Smelling the vanilla-scented candles.

What a load of lies I just painted.

Sitting in the bath feels like an event – I pick my fanciest outfit and unwind.

How do you relax sitting there – what do you do?

Teach me your ways.

relax in bathtub

Loony, irrational thoughts that haunt me in the shower.

In the shower 

Hot water etches my skin 

I like it that way 

From the corner of my eye, I spy a building peeking out from the bathroom window.

Only the top of a building shows 

But, I close the window despite the steam

Sometimes I hear an airplane and think, what if they can see me

Or bomb me 

Consequently, I close the window

I cannot help but think – what if I die alone naked 

That is the start of my irrational fears.

Irrational thoughts in shower

How to shower: depends on your mood.

Nothing can make you feel fresher than water hitting you- cleaning away yesterday’s dirt.

Yet, something so natural is doable in so many different ways. How do you shower?

I don’t think we need an instruction manual exactly. However, there are many different stages.

For instance, there is the relaxing bathtub stage when I try to emulate an old rich lady I see in the movies. Indeed, a fake persona heals me from reality.

Shower or tub?

Then, there is the practical, methodological, everyday shower-enthusiast that cleanses robotically.

Only to get it done right out of the way.

Depending on our mood, our shower experience is different. The more time spent under the water- the more relaxed you feel.

At least, until the hot water runs out, if you are in Lebanon, you likely know what I am talking about.

Different types of showers

recent study suggests that many people view showering as a daily intimate event vs. an operative hygiene practice.

Even pinpointing different shower rituals such as:

  • Routine shower: Automated, short, daily habit, functional, including basic hygiene.
  • Beauty shower: Planned deliberate ritual, like hair care. It is less frequent
  • Hedonic shower (i.e., for pleasure): To re-energize with self-care.

Conclusion…Am I obsessed with showers?

Dear reader, I am sorry I wasted your time.

See, this whole post was supposed to be about a shower vs. a bathtub. Yet, I am still as confused. Still stuck.

404, error. Answer not found.

That’s how I end up showering both at night and in the morning, which I thought was normal.

Until talking with other women who say they do not wash their hair every day.

However, doing some research, I did find that showering in hot water before bedtime helps improve sleep. So, there’s that.

Also, a qualitative study shows that showering ≥ 7 resulted in reduced itching.

There are so many nuances about nighttime and daytime bath-time. Specifically, at night I shower to wash away the dirt from the day.

Hedonic bath

Decision time

In short, I fail to put my head on the pillow and sleep without showering.

Alternatively, in the morning, I cannot wake up without a shower.

Still, needing to smell hearty and, more importantly, wash away the sweat from nighttime terrors.

Awkwardly, I wrap my days around showering.

Welp. That is how I end up washing too much.

It would be dandy if we weren’t about to go into a fuel crisis in Lebanon. We need fuel to heat the water.

Not to mention the sustainability damage this is causing. I need to make changes and pick a routine for showering once a day.

Now, I am left with the “dilemma” of morning or night showers. But I cannot choose. Instead, I think I will alternate the days for showering in the morning vs. night.

Perhaps, this will do wonders for my hair. See, so much water and soap are why it looks so messy all the time since I don’t bother with hair-drying.

Time to let it rest. Nonetheless, I need to go pick the shower timing for tomorrow. I know, difficult decisions (sarcasm intended).

Psst, did you shower yet today?

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