Brain-cation from your problems.
Daily life poems

Forget your problems. Go on brain-cation.

How to get over your problems (not serious).

My brain-cation from my problems

I woke up feeling a bit goofy today. I apologize in advance, this is the product.

Jump up and down and twirl. 

Swish your hips left and right and swirl. 


Skip over that hurdle over there.

Turn your hurdle into dollars. 

Then, burn it into flowers. 

Your hurdles exist whether they’re dollars or flowers. 

So, you might as well accept the hand you were dealt.

Weld your hurdle into the shed.

Bulldoze your problem into a small one.

Fist bump it.

Then, bomb-dwindle into a nothing.

Then, rest. 
Jump over your problems.
Jump over your problems.

Brain-cation: No to problems and worries

Most days, I write a poem with a theme in mind.

But some poems don’t really have an explanation.

This is one of them. Not every poem has a backstory.

Happy and positive woman.
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Simply, I woke up feeling goofy.

Today, is just a feel-good day for me.

Some days you just want to feel light and airy.

An x-ray of a brain.
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Like, you don’t want to use your brain like at all. You want to use all the likes, um’s, and contractions you can stuff into a sentence.

Every once in a while, my brain goes on vacation. My brain works by being over-inspired. Usually, I write most of the blogs and poems in the same day for the whole week.

Then, I spend the rest of my time editing or re-writing. Like a battery that gets overcharged, sometimes I combust. After over-use my brain, it just breaks. Break days, yes days, lazy days- whatever you want to call them all do the same thing: let us escape.

Certain sounds and art also help me escape. Specifically, I write about how rain sounds help me escape to a calm universe here. I find myself needed more and more break days. In my opinion, it is a good way to avoid burnout. How about you, how often do you take a break?

On that note, it is almost time for me to go for my Sunday lunch. I just reached my 300-word minimum required to get a good SEO score. Whatever that means.

Sending you relaxing vibes. All my love, Christy xxx


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