Stop Hate
Daily life poems

Hate is spreading fast. Is censorship to blame?

Help, I spotted a hate leak.

Prickly pounds of hate are spreading across our estates.

Where is our escape? 

Friends turning into neighbors.

Neighbors turning into competitors.

Win or lose – it is your choice to choose.

Just don’t hit a man or woman already on the ground.

Don’t we see – we are all in this together.

The world turned on us, we don’t have to turn on each other.

We all want someone to blame. 

Turn upside down then you’ll see;

It is not his or her fault you are here.

Stop the hate and hurt.
Turn sideways.

Stop the hate. Spread the love.

We all agree that the world needs more love, but are we really spreading the love?

It seems like everywhere you go hate is multiplying. The #Stop Asian hate hashtag is now a trend spreading across the USA for good reason.

It is so sad to read about people getting hit or assaulted for being Asian.

If you look around, you will notice that hate is growing everywhere. Polarization, extremism, and hate crimes are prevalent worldwide.

Basically, all the isms can be reduced to the word hate.

A typewriter with the sentence hate messages on it.
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In Lebanon, some people are resorting to murder, theft, and suicide- to escape extreme poverty or desperation. Still, suicide also stems from hate. Self-hate or a hate for society.

Furthermore, theft occurs because of a want or need for something another person has. Yet, with no choices left to feed your children, I can see why hate can grow.

Murder at face value seems extreme. When pre-meditated it is scary and icky. Conversely, sometimes murder is an extreme emotional reaction.

It can be from years of hidden anger about poverty and inequality. Or it could just be plain, simple, ugly racism.

Is political correctness increasing extremism?

Hatred exists at the surface for a long time before a hate crime happens. We would never know though because hate is not talked about. We like to ignore it and pretend it does not exist.

Maybe the extreme censorship of people’s feelings, emotions, and words led to this.

I am not saying we should let people spew hateful words and hate speech. However, there is something wrong with our system. Whereby, words are more punishable than actions.

We need to listen more.
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People get away with murder but are sentenced for words. Notably, people need a sense of freedom to speak and think. Political correctness is trying to control people’s thoughts. However, that will never happen. Even if you control their speech, their ideas exist.

Except, now they have more time to think about and discuss hateful ideas with themselves. Plotting all these ideas in their brain. To me, that is more dangerous.

Political correctness vs. hate

If we just let people speak their mind, maybe there would be more conversations about hate.

Perhaps, we would be able to recognize the hate patterns before they become deadly. Then, interference can begin. Perhaps, a conversation with someone who could possibly change their mind. No self-expression means no conversations or change.

Yet, if the same thing is happening in many countries, maybe the problem is from the inside. The people. At large, inequality is the reason so many people hate each other. It is the need for more, which creates jealousy. Jealousy would not exist if hunger was absent.

Suddenly, the whole world found itself caged within border lines. Choices are no longer part of daily life. Want to go out and eat? Sorry, mam, restaurants are closed.

We need to look at the real problem
Look at the real problem.

Furthermore, do you need to go to the store? Ask for permission. So many choices we used to make are gone now. Seemingly, we do not have choices. However, in my opinion we do have a choice.

You can choose NOT to hate your neighbor. It is a choice to realize it is not someone’s fault we are going through difficult times.

We are angry at the wrong people. Indeed, we feel the need to blame someone. It is human nature. What if there is nobody to blame?

This pandemic is only highlighting or magnifying the issues in our social systems. Issues many of us have been silent about anyway. Some may say, “No, we have been fighting this whole time”. If everyone really has been fighting all this time, how is the system the same?

Hate was always present. Just bandaged away, behind words of encouragement. A fake smile.

We are alienating people and creating extremists

To many, political correctness is viewed as the theft of their voice or freedom. Some people even describe political correctness as fascism or tyranny with manners. Really, according to the keyword search tool, today, the search volume is at 88, 888 searchers worldwide.

People chained to political correctness.
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A portion of the people who live in this world right now, seem to agree on this. So, why are we ignoring them?

Ideally, everyone is educated, accepting, and tolerant. However, in the real world, we cannot expect everyone to be like that.

It is dangerous to assume that everyone should be educated about these topics. Of course, as citizens we all have a responsibility.

Nonetheless, we cannot expect people to miraculously know things.

To show alienation.
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If we respond or start a conversation with an accusatory tone, then I believe, real change will never happen.

Let us talk…

We need to reach a point where everyone can have a conversation. Let them say all their dirty thoughts. It is better to know the truth. It is then, that we can change their minds. Or understand their thought patterns.

The widespread Internet censorship is not the answer though. This is only hiding the problem.

People from different backgrounds having a discussion.
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At times, we seem to focus on the little things like hairstyles and photos. In turn, ignoring the events where actual assault happens. This may be controversial to say, but I think when we focus on the little things too much, it pushes potential allies away.

Why do we focus on the small things? There could be two possibilities.

  1. The first is that we have the power to control the small things. There is little risk in telling someone their photo is inappropriate vs. calling out a powerful individual or system.
  2. The second reason is that a series of small changes can make a big change. I agree.

Cancel, cancel culture and spread love

For the record, I am against cultural appropriation. However, I am also against cancel culture. It seems we are too quick to cancel people. In doing so, we are increasing the hate people feel.

TO show how we should stop cancel culture.
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Consequences need to exist. However, why do we go around looking for people to cancel? It seems like people are not allowed to make mistakes. People go looking inside other’s life archives for mistakes.

If someone is helpful and loving now, do we really know what they did as an 18-year-old (minus rape, murder, or assault of course)?

Unfortunately, you find people quick to cancel others for an insensitive comment they said years ago. However, when real issues like hate speech and crimes occur, there is radio silence.

Now, is the time to stand up for everyone who is being abused, hurt, and hated. Especially, Asians getting attacked.

Let love win and hate lose.
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If you see someone who is being hateful, in your own home, talk to them. Maybe, it is a friend. Approach people with a common ground. Then, hate just might lessen (even a bit).

Finally, I truly hope we one day live in a world where hate is erased. For now, though, all we can do is spread the love.

Try to counterbalance the hate with its enemy, love. Can hate turn to love? I believe so.

If you enjoy reading about controversial topics, read more about narcism and more on this site.

In case nobody told you today, I love you.


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