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How to read a book for fun: 4 obvious steps

Heeding the call to read.

First, smell it. Does it smell old or new? 

Handed down or freshly brewed? 

Second, wink at the cover. Then, open a random page arbitrarily. 

Does it make your heart splitter-splatter? Or drift to shatters. If so, please proceed. 

Third, go with the flow. Now, let the book work its voodoo magic and distract you from your life for a couple of minutes or more. 

In the fourth and final step, there is no right or wrong way to read a book. Just open it. Flip the page or scroll.
Don't worry, the book won’t tell if you leave it high-and-dry. So, don’t be afraid to open it.

Reading is only boring if you are reading the wrong book

A top comment I get from book despisers and avoiders is that it is boring.

Many people are stuck on a horrible memory from their youth of being forced to read a book.

Simply, pick a book similar to the TV show style you are obsessed with. Most likely, your TV show was based on a book series.

Boredom is not only a waste of time but reduces reading comprehension. Hence, don’t force people to read a book they hate.

Since it is fun for me, most of the time, I don’t read educational books. Instead, I go for fiction, murder, and romance-themed books. An odd trio, I know.

Most importantly, there is no right or wrong way to read. Some people highlight and re-read a page 3 times. Others skim.

Whereas, I prefer to just read casually.

I hate highlighting and analyzing the text or what the author meant by it. I just absorb it and let my emotions take the lead.

Read and tan

Reading Wars: Print vs. digital reading

War. Choose a team. Team print or digital?

You do not have to pick a side. Each type of reading has an advantage…bla.bla.bla.

Do what feels right to you.

Just bear in mind these trends if you are trying to focus on an academic or professional task:

Hence, if you have a disgruntled reader in your home, don’t try to force a type of reading on them.

If online reading is perceived as more fun for them, just let them be.

Reading online: Fact-checkers vs. everyone else

Do you know what distinguishes a fact-checker from the rest of us? The way they read online.

Right now, as you read this blog, did your eye skim vertically or laterally?

In vertical reading, our eyes go up and down to check out and judge site features.

Reading vertically to test a blog’s quality is a bit funny- you got lost and tricked by official-looking logos and domain names. Like I do.

Granted, looks and minimalism are important.

Read like a fact-checker when in a rush

However, if you want to read like a fact-checker, read laterally. By leaving a site after a quick scan and opening up new tabs to judge credibility.

The quicker the exit- the better the factual read. By proxy, ignoring irrelevant words like personal stories.

Ok, not good PR I know. I kinda just told you to skim my blog post. But hey, it is important not to be tricked.

Unless, you are reading for fun, which is how I usually read. So, all these weird semantics don’t matter.

Yet, if you are looking out for an official paper or research for work- then keeping these things in mind is helpful.

Make reading a habit: Early readers

How I got into reading.

Moving around so much meant we sometimes went through bouts in countries without any TV or channels and movies I liked, or in a language I understood.

Books became my movies. Fictional characters became my new friends in a new country. Books, my escape.

At times, sitting on a tennis court, during a pair class. I would sit scrunched up on the sandy court reading a sappy romance book. In the meantime, my brother practiced an extra hour.

Bam. Reading in public you feel distracted and lost. A car could get robbed next to me and I would not know.

It is like entering a trance- letting an author hypnotize your brain, tricking you in-and-out of reality.

There, a habit was born. One I cannot kick.

Let them read young.

Reading the wrong thing: Bad Timing

Reading is a horrible distraction. Habitually, I find myself reading the wrong thing. Meaning, if I need to focus on something productive, instead I read for fun.

When I start a book, I can’t just leave it. In a hurry, every page needs to be finished. Like a frantic race to the finish line, but with no competitor on the other side.

Just my overbearing curiosity.

Book overload.

Why book recommendations don’t work for me

When it comes to reading for me it’s all about a feeling. A genre type does not keep me trapped.

After a while, you recognize a particular memo for books.

A plot that is similar on Goodreads, a book recommendation site. Akin to the “Because you watched ——– ” (insert name of the movie) tab on Netflix.

Set a reading goal.

Sometimes, it is the non-bestsellers that touch my soul the most. For instance, a random unpublished book on a reading site.

Then, there are the best-sellers that are worth every second of the hype. Being lost in it is a whirlwind- a concert for books.

But every recommendation is too computerized. Every month my reading mood is different.

Conclusion: Some books are better than movies

Ok. I am a weirdo. Usually, people are either team book or team movie. I tend to like both.

Yes, I enjoy the superficial side of seeing good-looking and striking characters on the screen. I enjoy just watching, which arguably takes less brain effort than reading.

I see a movie as a glamorized version of a coveted book.

Then again, some books are so much funnier than the movies like the Shopaholic saga. Also, romance books make my belly turn more in the book-realm.

It is a relative argument depending on each book and movie.

In the end, I see reading as a way to relax. A leisure activity.

My approach to reading for work and memorizing is different. That murders a book for me.

Book vs. movie.

Are you a book or movie kinda human?

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