Daily life poems

I’m a human and I fail. Why not be a failure today?

Failure is fun

Watch me fail.

A man carrying a box of loss for failure.
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Watch me fall.

Woman falling in failure.
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Watch me get rejected.

Is rejection failure?
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I don’t mind.

At least I am trying.

At least my bubble is broken.

I have never failed as much as I did today.

Welcome to my wicked world of failure.

Today, I did not write a blog post because well, I failed. Yesterday, I went out stayed out late and slept in till now.

Honestly, I am too lazy to write something. I like to be genuine and happy when I am writing.

Bleh. All I can think of is failure and laziness today. Because it is Saturday morning, my head is throbbing.

Sipping my caramel coffee (made from a sachet). The details matter.

As I type now, I am calm and relaxed. I don’t want to change that. I need a break.

Specifically, I am thinking of what to eat for lunch.

I feel like a burger. It is a bit too early for lunch. At my end, it is 9:13 am. How can I feel like eating a meal now πŸ˜…?

hamburger and fries photo
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Oh right, I forgot to have dinner yesterday. Being hangry is real.

Did you ever wake up at breakfast feeling like lunch?

Are you perky or lazy today?

If you feel like reading, check out my post from yesterday about waking up my inner child. But I don’t feel like reading. I won’t take it personally if you go for a snooze instead.

Actually, I’d be happy if you relaxed.


What are you planning to have for lunch?


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