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Janerik: a fruit that will ripen picky eaters’ view on fruit.

Have you tried Janerik fruit?


A not-so generic fruit. 

See, it is the only juicy bite I can take without my stomach swimming in bile. 

Please, welcome the fruit: small, green, and sour. 

Sprinkle salt to add a dash of cholesterol. 

Fret not- juices flow out vs. spray out. 

Not like the naughty, excommunicated cousin the tomato. 

I promise, your mouth and sanity will be spill-free.
Janerik fruit

The fruit that changed this picky eater’s mind about fruit.

Disclaimer: this is a very biased non-factual perspective. A personal one at that. My perspective.

Fruits always scared me. Especially mangoes and oranges.

The squirting sensation and things flying out of the mouth remind me of pesticides swimming in my oral hole, also known as a mouth.

Likely, the sweetness of fruits mixed with acidity makes my stomach swell into a gaseous mess.

Additionally, fruits hurt my stomach. In effect, I was one of the few children who did not like juice as a child either.

With exception of strawberries, fruits – were a commodity I always hid or passed on to friends.

That is until I tried Janerik, a picky fruit that does not grow everywhere.

It’s sour(y) taste only growing on the Mediterranean trees. Mmm, scrumptious.

My first encounter with the Janerik fruit was under my grandfather’s tree at his home. Hand-picked by him for you guessed it, me.

As a result, it is the only fruit to bypass my heart.

No fruit

What is Janerik?

Janerik, janarek, or jaraeng are all variations of the best fruit to exist.

Don’t worry, if you are still confused- I had to google the spelling as well.

Also, I’m pretty sure they pronounce it differently in Jordan than here in Lebanon. Meh. The semantics don’t matter.

What matters is that it is a green, sour plum. As hinted in the name, it is tangy.

Preferably, eaten when fresh or else, it can taste funky. I like them when they are big, the tiny-looking ones do not have a pleasant taste.

You can buy them from the supermarket but my favorite version is picked fresh from a tree.

pick me fruit

What is so special about Janerik?

Besides the nostalgic appeal of the fruit, it is amply sour or bitter. You can add salt to it to add an even more savory touch.

More importantly, when you bite into it, juices don’t fall out.

Instead, a sourly stated bliss. My stomach does not hurt or plummet into cramps, which is a win in my book.

I’m not the only one obsessed with this fruit. One woman, who was craving them, during its off-season got them for hundreds of dollars.

Inadvertently, she became a walking meme and running joke for online users. But I can understand her, I am craving one too now.

If I could, I would spend hundreds to taste the Janerik from my grandpa’s tree.

picky eater

Not-so picky solutions.

In conclusion, picky eaters are often labeled as spoiled. Or as the offspring of second-rate parenting.

Many people hide the food their parents make them since it scares them. Namely, turning to creative and devious ways to get rid of the food.

As a former picky-eater child who has grown up to be a less picky adult, my rule is to always try everything once.

In turn, you discover things you never knew you would love, like Janerik or duck.

Angry at plate

Some people, aka yours truly, are more sensitive to sensory influences, especially food noises like ASMR.

In effect, food texture easily disturbs my mind and stomach. Often I blamed my neurotic or type A personality for my bizarre eating habits.

However, I think I was stealthily avoiding acidic things and other food like cheese and milk to save my stomach from discomfort.

Traveling more will kill your food fears.

Traveling and moving around helps you expand your palate without even trying.

If you see everyone eating a dish, your curiosity broadens, and tada, a food love affair, is born.

As you grow older, a lot of food you formerly despised, like broccoli, can become a kitchen staple.

Eventually, we all evolve. So, don’t worry too much about the picky eaters around you. Sooner or later, they will try something new, and they just might love it.

I have the urge to end this post on a loving note. Accordingly, I have a little message for Janerik 👇🏼.

Dear Janerik, I hope you are not offended or creeped out by the overly zealous sounds I make for you. I admit my eyes get kinda creepy when I look at you.

But you changed my mind, which is difficult for this incredibly stubborn lass. For that, I will always love you.

Can’t wait to eat you next, wait for me 🙂

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