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Let’s sin together. We all do it in secret anyway.

Accept it: we all sin. Ditch the judgment.

Sin is about lust and gluttony.

If I list all my sins, you will feel a glitch.

Ditch your judgment with a hiss.

History repeats itself.

We all sin.

Let’s just accept each other.

You’re not so bad. Neither is he.

We are all just trying.

Trying to be ok.

We are all perfectly human and mundane.

Yes, we will sin.

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Let the sins begin. Mapping sin on a Saturday morning.

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Another boring Saturday morning. You wake up and bump into a table.

Fuck. You curse. 

Surprisingly, cursing is not a sin. Remarkably, you are doing fine- so far. As long as your grandma does not hear you.

It starts with one sin. Counting our sins.

You go about your day. Suddenly, an annoying driver breaks in front of you. Your car swerves, and you almost crash.

That’s not fun. You get angry and honk.

Not once. Not twice. But, 3 times.

Wrath. Oh man, that’s not saintly news. Strike one.

Anyway, you continue your day without blinking an eye. Until you see someone in a cutesy outfit.

A custom-made, orange, Hermès bag, matching an orange Maserati.

Your belly utters a suspicious sound.

The green-eyed monster comes out, disguised as disdain for people who spend frivolously.

You’re eyeing that bag for you.

maserati wheel

Strike two: jealousy.

Wow – it’s not even lunchtime and you already amassed 2 sins.

To be consistent, I’m sorry, I will continue my detailed itinerary of everything you do wrong.

It’s dinner time now. You are out in a fancy restaurant.

A green-eyed man – with double dimples, smiles at you.

How can someone be so cute and sexy at the same time?

Beats me.

To continue, sorry about being a sour-sport, but that is another sin. Strike 3: Lust. 

I know there are 7 sins in total. Except, we don’t have to do them all in one day.

Tempted by sin

As a reference, the 7 deadly sins are:

  1. Gluttony.
  2. Pride
  3. Greed
  4. Lust/ Sexual desire
  5. Wrath
  6. Sloth
  7. Envy

A machine that records our sins

Can you imagine having a tracker that tallies all our sins?

Or more realistically, an app that measures our heart rate, for emotional changes.

Eventually, assigning our specific sins.

I, for one, would loath that.

In particular, every second of my day, would be spent, second-guessing every move I make.

Every sound. And every intention.


However, in real life, we do not have a morality tracker.

We ignore our sins unless we do something catastrophically wicked. Like the mean or shady business that makes us feel guilty.

If we were to stop, for every little sin – we would never move.

So, why don’t we give the same courtesy to the people around us?

How do we recognize their sins and faults so quickly? Meanwhile, forgetting we do the same, or worse.

Sin – from a biblical sense is impossible to ignore. From a moral sense, unavoidable. We always end up having to hurt someone.

Or be unfair in some way. We just pick the path that has the least resistance and hurt.

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I am not saying we should all start sinning. 

Cheating on our spouses. Killing people. Or buying out the whole McDonald’s menu.

That is never classy or something to be proud of. We should not go hunting for sin.

If you are trying to stop any of these traits in you, it is a noble job.

However, I am referring to the overly dramatic gasps and looks we give people.

Think back to a time, you did something you shouldn’t do.

You know you were wrong. How would you feel if all the fingers were pointing at you? 


At times, it is our sins that we see, in people, that makes us freak out more.

We tend to point them out – with pitchforks – because they remind us of our limitations. Our morality.

In certain religions, it is some people’s job to point others on the right path.

Fair enough. It is not my place to get into the nature of religion – between two believers.

However, don’t attribute your value system to others. For example, this perspective of sin is mainly Christian.

Other religions and non-religious people don’t share the same concept of sin.

Except for certain tenants that are against the law, like assault, murder, rape, and theft. 

Conclusion: if we all sin, let’s sin together

In conclusion, let’s all openly sin.

What I mean by that, is why do we gawk, stare, and gasp every time we hear about baby sins?

If we are just more open about them, maybe they will never grow into the buffier higher-level ones, like murder.

Human nature is built for humans to act a tad bit like oppressors. Of animals and Mother Earth.

Surprise, surprise – we are predators. We feel the urge to kill and overtake everything around us.

Maybe, that is our greatest sin. All we can do is try to be better. And judge less.

Apple sin

Which sin gives you the most trouble?

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