Monday is moon-day
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Monday again- No motivation?

Please don’t let it be Monday again. What if I told you everything you feel and know about Monday is wrong? I wish I knew that before writing this poem.

Stick around for the discussion to find out what Monday really means in Anglo-Saxon history.


Monday is mundane.

To show how time goes slowly on a Monday.

More minutes.

More work.

👇🏼 More workdays to come.

Or is it “mon” as in “my” in French? (My) Day.

What are days anymore?

With the weeks increasingly jumbled, it is easy to feel like days don’t matter.

It is all about perspective.

Today, I choose for it to be my day.

Is it Monday again?

I always hated Mondays. However, how did Monday become the enemy?

There are two ways I look at Mondays.

  • First, as a meme.
  • Second, as a desperate need for Monday motivation.

That is the only way to survive.

After a lazy Sunday, cozied up in my favorite pjs watching my favorite show, the dread of Monday always creeps up on me in the evening. It ruins things.

Where did the word Monday come from?

Mostly, it depends on where you live. Did you know many countries start the week on Sunday? Their Thursday night is your Friday night out.

I remember when I lived in a country where the week started on Sunday; I still hated Monday. To illustrate, imagine Sunday, your lazy day- is suddenly the start of a dreadful week of work.

Weirdly enough, countries that start on Sunday are historically accurate. Originally, Monday was the second day of the week in Nordic cultures. Also, known as the “Moon’s day”. A day made to worship the goddess of the moon. You mean we were supposed to be celebrating all this time?

Side note: Check out how cool the moon looks without photoshop.

On Monday Memes.

More closely, look at all these memes. They all seem to target Monday. We all understand them. It’s just funny how different something can be in another country.

Breaking the Cycle

Somehow, after moving to Jordan- I could never get over Sunday being my day to relax. I still did relaxing things on a Sunday even though it was the beginning of the week.

Meanwhile, in Lebanon, I somehow cannot hate Thursdays. Thursday reminds me of Friday night. So, I feel I always need to be the least productive on that day and go out and have fun.

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In my case- all weekdays need different emotions. Just never the right ones for the right country. That’s ok. Maybe, we should all mix things up. Celebrate or relax on Monday. It will make you realize that it is not as bad as we make it out to be.

When motivation is running low…

At the same time, I am not pushing for Monday motivation. I was never the type to provide motivational advice. Since, I find it a struggle to get up early in the morning. Following a routine is just hard.

You have no judgement from me if you just want to sleep through the week.

Nonetheless, I somehow found a way to hate Monday less. Maybe, you can too.

Monday Motivation
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If nothing works, there are always memes.

In psychology, “they” say there is a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is just a fancy way of saying, if you incorrectly think something is bad, like Monday for example, then it will turn out bad. 

How do we erase all the memes that show us that Monday is the worst?

The short answer: We don’t.

Laughing through the annoying

Admittedly, I spend way too much time looking at memes. I pray I never become one. Lord help me I laugh when I see one. It always makes me feel better to read about how shitty something I do is.

Start off your day with a negative thought, your day will be negative.

With memes though, even if the content is negative- there is always humor in it. So, I start my morning off with that. It just makes me laugh. Laughing works.

To me at least, memes seem to counteract the negative emotions. Memes turn something bad into something to joke about and share with friends.

Do what works for you.

If you believe in the moon, worship the moon. If you need Monday to be the horrible enemy- keep it that way.

Furthermore, if you are one of the rare unicorns, who never found Monday horrible. You can chill out knowing it was originally supposed to be a celebration.

In conclusion, start your Monday off on a funny note.

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  • Claude

    Though Mondays in COVID lock down times are like any other day 😰 but mentally feel it’s heavy on my heart🤣 maybe out of habit 😊

  • stadarooni

    This is the first comment I’m doing on someone’s work in a while – so bear with me – but I enjoyed the thoughtful and uplifting perspective on Monday doldrums. It’s clever that you incorporated memes into the overall message of the article since sometimes, all we need is a push (from something as simple as a joke) to get our day going on a better note! I also agree that all Mondays are different: sometimes they can be better than my Tuesdays and sometimes I suppose the bad ones are needed when we reflect on the day. Different weekdays having different emotions – on cultural, religious, historical, and so many more bases – is something I relate to and I feel like that can also change on a personal basis, from semester-to-semester or even weekly depending on my job schedule! I guess that puts the “mon” in Monday to every day since how we feel about them is indicative of who we are and we can make it work for ourselves. Reading something of yours, again, feels like a knowledgeable blast and I am excited to read more!

    • Christine Khuri

      I feel honored 😊I admit I missed your always insightful comments. I feel you- I don’t remember the last time I read anything. Yes- at this point, memes are one of the few things keeping me going. The cultural differences are definitely hard to get used to at first. True, you made me think how a night job schedule can switch the perspective of morning and night-time. Thank you so much for taking the time, especially during these annoying times 😊.

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