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Daily life poems

My week: stuck on repeat. Time to let others schedule.

Watch me plan my week according to trends and expert recommendations.

Monday, I sleep in till 8:am. 

Tuesday, I struggle to maintain the manic energy of yesterday. 

Wednesday, I try to win back my internal clock, struggling to sleep like the beauty I am not.  

Thursday, I am stuck thinking it is Tuesday. When did it get this way? 

Friday, I desperately catch on to everything I missed, overlooked, and forgot. 

Saturday, I find a new show and binge. 

SundayI focus on getting my next meal.  

Alas, my weak-carrousel continues. Rinse and repeat. 

Blink the week away

You make the mistake of blinking and end up one year in the future. Except, you do not need a time machine or have to be friends with Phil of the Future.

Blinking is free. Some weeks feel like a succession of blinking till you end up in an unrecognizable vortex.

Is there a way to stop the routine? Of course, there is a way but, does it benefit us in the long run?

Indeed, anything we see for a long time gains space in our hearts. All hail the laws of attraction.

Likeminded weeks, and people who fill our weeks, bring a contented resolution to our life.

You do not need a seatbelt for this ride since it is safe and secure. Mostly, we all need a necessary realness in our ongoing days.

I confess I suck at planning. Scheduling was never my thing.

Have you seen the trend where YouTubers let ad recommendations decide what they do for the day?

Relatedly, I got the idea of letting trends on Google Scholar related to the search word “week” dictate how I go about my day.

planning message for the week

Plotting and dissecting my week ahead

Ok. That sounds way more conspicuous than it is.

A serial killer takes the time to learn the habits of his or her victims meticulously.

In a non-creepy, way I want to kill my week ( in a positive manner). To do so, I, too need, to do my due diligence.

In this vein, I plan on learning everything I can about the seven-day week. From plotting food changes, the most popular day of the week, and even the stock market.

Trends are there on graphs for everyone to see, a not-so-hidden secret.

I plan on taking advantage of that. A woman with a plan, that’s me.

Since my week is stuck on repeat, it is up to me to make each day enjoyable and productive. With that, I need to be ahead of the curve so, to speak.

Maybe, you can also benefit from this information for your week or laugh at me for being so extra.

Main trends across the week to watch out for

What can you expect? Monday’s are for productivity and selling those awful trade secrets. Ha. No, not really you can go to jail for that.

However, most people sell their stock market mistakes on a Monday. I guess that means I will call it the fixer day.

As of 2019, Monday’s associated with higher returns and volatility in Bitcoin prices.

In other words, I will look into the hype on Bitcoin on Sunday. Surely I will make a mistake, given my lack of a business mind. Monday, I will fix it too.

Likewise, the weather can mean different things depending on the day of the week.

Where on rainy days, people tend to visit the libraries more. Since it is so sunny and hot, I will do the opposite and not read this week. Although, I usually read daily.

P.S. How rude of me; I should not have left an ominous pessimistic vibe over your shoulders. Your week does not deserve that. Moving on to the positive 👇🏼.

Some positive weekly influences.

Confirmed: the week has a cycle of ups or “good” days vs. ordinary/ “bad” days. Hence, don’t feel weird about your mood swinging like a pendulum across the week.

For Christians, Saturday and Sunday generated more good day reports, and Muslims felt delighted on Fridays. Obviously, since it is the weekend.

To try to higher my chances of it being a good day, I will start my morning by looking in the mirror and smiling.

Unfortunately, the study did not specify “happy days” for people from other religions. However, it likely has to do with the day off and day of prayer.

Furthermore, use your perfectionist trait to your advantage.

To illustrate, perfectionists who follow the personal standard philosophy felt excited about working on Monday.

A personal standard is when you want to succeed to reach your potential. In other words, on Monday, I will write down a list of my personal goals, pick one, and get to work on it.

Also, the positive effects of perfectionism were highest on Saturday, meaning people were feeling mellow.

I guess that means I can also work on my goals on Saturday which, is usually a day I dedicate to naps.

Perhaps, I will finish the ending of a book I am writing.

Mood swings across the week
Mood swings across the week

Avoiding migraine effects

This week I will fight migraines. Your migraine development also fluctuates during the week.

Bam. Think ahead. Plan for your migraine so you can react proactively.

Scheme your revenge.

female student suffering from headache at home
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

In this vein, Saturday is the prime time to get a migraine. Also, part of the weekend, where humans tend to consume more calories and food.

N.B. 195 of 1085 participants found Saturday as the predominant day for attacks.

To avoid all that, this Saturday, I will be quitting my junk food. Sorry, lays chips, diet soda, and my midnight chocolate.

By proxy, this means that I will also be avoiding Friday night drinking, although I am not much of a drinker anyway. Even sleeping at 11 pm, a reasonable hour.

Warning: a lot of the information here is based on limited random studies.

However, like the intelligent woman I am, I am still planning my week according to random people and questionable findings.

More things I am ignoring.

A social media blackout will begin across the whole weekday because it turns out we are on our phones all the time.

  1. In 2020, 11 people every day use social media for the first time, according to the site broadband search.
  2. Approximately more than half the world’s population, 3.8 billion people, use social media.
  3. On average, we spend 144 minutes a day on social media. Worldwide people, spend most of their time on social media on Facebook.

This is entirely too much. I will reduce my hours on social media apps to zero hours next week. Bye to the following apps:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok.

Except, for Whatsapp which I will still be using for necessary communication.

Moving forward

In conclusion, if my week is stuck on repeat, I might as well make it count.

The week preoccupies my thoughts since it is how my world runs.

How my mind computes and compartmentalizes worries, happiness, laziness.

Add any emotion or adjective and, it can be linked to one of the days of the week.

To avoid decision fatigue, I maybe want the cliff-notes version of how-to run my week, the cheat card.

The more I learn about the Georgian calendar, the more I want to know. Time. Space. Triggers my curiosity.

Previously, I tackled the origins of Monday and how different countries start the week.

But I needed to dig deeper, more clandestinely. This is how I ended up with this blog post written mostly for me.

In the end, It is a bit freeing that next week I have my week planned, which makes me realize maybe I need to plan more.

How about you do you plan things out?

Hurry up start de-planning your week.

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