Is nutella privilege?
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Nutella is privilege. Nutella around the world.


A chocolate spread, delicately placed on pancakes, toast, and waffles.

Nutella is just that- a food. To anywhere else in the world.

In Lebanon, Nutella, is now a sign of wealth.

Does Nutella = privilege?

I guess you could say that.

Is it really a privilege though when basic foods are considered luxury?

What does that say about us?

What does that say about them?

In context, Lebanon is going through inflation.

At some point, Nutella reached 39, 000 LL.

Anybody with a brain did not buy it.

Slowly, it went back down to a normal(ish) price.

Still, I look at Nutella funny.

Did you know Nutella was once banned in a country for health reasons?

To be banned in one place and hailed as a luxury item in another.

Would you buy Nutella?

After craving it for a while, I decided to buy one.

Remember, how I said only idiots would buy Nutella.

Well, I am an idiot.

I put my spoon in the jar and place it in my mouth.

It tastes different.

It tastes wrong.

Why is it not lulling my senses?

cockroaches on plate to show how nutella tastes different.
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Maybe, it is expired.

To show, I don't like nutella anymore.
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Maybe it is me that is different.

I changed I don't like nutella anymore.

I do not like Nutella anymore.

I will not be buying it again.

How do you use privilege in a sentence?

I would barter that you are probably already privileged if you can read this. Funnily enough, the word privilege can be maneuvered in many ways.

Privilege is an adjective, noun, verb, and practice.

Sometimes, if you are on the receiving end of someone calling you privileged – you are being dissed.

A privilege is a right or immunity for a specific group of people.

An image of coins and dollars to show privilege.
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A privileged person is assumedly someone with many benefits and rights. Specifically, a favored person.

What if you were the adjective, noun, and verb of privilege?

A privilege is a noun, a right, or advantage. Additionally, society and social systems grant rights to specific person(s).

As a verb, you can give a privilege- I think that makes you the boss or OG privilege giver. You decide whose fate is in or out.

In the Lebanese case, which rights are available?

The right to withdraw money from the bank is nonexistent. Likewise, there is no right for fuel, water, or electricity.

In this sense, there are no privileges. Unless you consider eating food a right. If you can grant and take privileges, you’re the worst kind of word function. You are an adjective and likely a politician ๐Ÿ˜ญ.

What is the real definition and meaning of privilege though?

Depending on the country you live in the word can mean something different. I am hyper-focusing on the different terminologies because privilege is a spectrum.

In my country, the people who have access to “Fresh Dollar accounts” are privileged. Fresh dollars are dollars coming into Lebanon from other countries into depositors’ accounts here in Lebanon. All other dollars in Lebanese depositors’ accounts are unmovable. Just today, the dollar reached 15,000 LL (i.e., actually 3 days ago when I wrote this). As a reference, our currency was originally at 1, 500 LL for each USD.

People are keeping their dollars at home.
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Beyond Nutella. Basic privileges.

Electricity, water, medicine, fuel.

Yes, in comparison to the masses people with dollar accounts are the privileged few.

However, if we take it on a scale of human rights, people with dollars also have limited choices . Maybe, not so privileged.

To illustrate, do they have the privilege to withdraw their savings from banks? No. The banks confiscated everybody’s money, holding them hostage. The robbed money is just sitting, chilling. The only way for a person to withdraw their money it is to convert it to Lebanese liras, which are devaluing day-by-day.

Take the electricity as another example. Is 24/7 electricity available by the government? No. It is not.

An image of electricity.
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Ok, let’s try not to be pessimistic. How about, job opportunities? MM. Still on standstill unless you call in the favor or “wasta”. These days even favors are running low.

Dear reader, think with me. What else is a privilege besides electricity and food?

Oh Ya, of course petrol. Considering the inflation rates, all these commodities are hysterically overpriced.

Forgive me for not laughing, all my laughter is used up. This is not a comedy show; it is people’s lives.

Medicine. I guess some humans need it to survive. Not here though, pharmacies cannot afford to get certain medicine due to the dollar exchange rates. What does that mean? Limited Panadol sachets. That is very convenient during a pandemic.

To show how pills and medicine are missing.
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The memes, TikToks, and Instagram posts include jokes on the situation. Is it a privilege to laugh through pain and trauma?

Going to the supermarket is also an example of privilege. Just today, I saw a coffee in a mini grocery store, for LL 51, 000. It had 4 sachets of coffee. Now, coffee is a privilege.

Peanut butter is worse than Nutella ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Peanut Butter
71, 000 LL peanut butter.

Ignore the Nutella, two days ago I saw peanut butter for LL 71, 000. Granted, you do NOT have to buy that brand. There are alternatives for LL 37, 000. However, I am only showing this to portray the inflation rates.

Is it really a privilege? Or is it a fight for survival for the limited resources. I am uncertain. I see, a sea of losers. Some, people know they lost. Others are deluding themselves that they are winning or better than others. In reality, nobody has privilege. Who needs entertainment or a life?

Privilege means having choices

The easiest way to explain the differences in privilege is by using Maslow’s need assessment.

First, a person needs to have their safety, food, and shelter needs met. After that, a person can move on to self-actualization. Or, in layman terms, doing things to feel good and fulfilled. You are unprivileged if you do not have your basic needs.

Here, some people do have access to food and shelter. However, we cannot get used to a food we love. You know how you sometimes look forward to the same food every day.

Having a choice is a privilege.
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I am a person of habit. Every day, I drink the same coffee. I try to re-live a taste, smell, or feeling again and again. In light of the changes, every time I start liking a new food or drink, it disappears. I am afraid of getting addicted to something or liking it too much.

Privilege is a choice. When you have no choices, I think that is when you become (un)privileged. Still, we need to recognize the power changes.

Someone annoyed they can’t find the right food they are used to, or able to use electricity, is not equitable with someone who cannot find milk to feed their newborn baby.

Yes, these people exist. A few streets down.

Maybe, the better word is lucky. The lucky few between the sea of unprivileged. I do not like the term privileged because it changes from person-to-person. It also has a negative connotation at times. It involves a sense of judgement that someone has it worse than the other.

At times, people mock others as privileged without realizing they are privileged also to someone else.

Back to Nutella

Just to be clear, I am not making fun of people who buy Nutella. We all indulge in something we love. I mean, have you tried Nutella? There is a reason it is a multi-billion-dollar business. It is just funny how things that were normal are now suddenly considered a luxury. However, each person has a right to enjoy the perks and privileges they want. I just wish people were more sensitive of other’s feelings and try not to show-off.

Boy enjoying Nutella jar.
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Finally, I am curious to see if there are any changes you are experiencing?

You can leave me a message at the contact me page or comment below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ. Bye ๐Ÿ˜Š


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