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Sleep better. How to fix your sleep schedule & clock

Start your week with a good night’s sleep.

How I feel when my sleep schedule is messed up:

I suck.



Deflecting my problems.

If I run, maybe they will disappear.

I wrap my purple covers over my head,

hiding like a coward.

Sleeping under purple covers

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I play dead.

I am not a dog though.

Sleeping dog
So cute 😭

I stay still, afraid of making a noise.

Afraid of moving an inch.

Desperately wanting to sleep.

Desperately wanting to stay awake.

I don’t want the nightmares to start.

I don’t want the thoughts to start either.

So, I play dead again.

Stay still, you don’t have to choose.

You know that annoying feeling when you are not asleep but not fully awake either?

Me too. I hate it. I can sit still for hours in the same position. That is mainly what the above poem is about.

Our lifestyle is ruining our sleep

Modern life is destroying our sleep schedules. The inconsistent work hours can add up. Did you know our body has a clock inside it that self-regulates?

Day by day, we go against our internal clock. To clarify, an internal clock is basically a neat thing in our body that reminds us to wake up at the same time every day. Our body’s clock has its own timing that follows a 24-hour cycle.

Like a real-life clock, our biological clock can break too.

I can't sleep.
Help, I can’t sleep.

How does our clock break?

Our body’s clock can break from going to sleep at different times every day. In a nutshell, inconsistencies in our daily habits are our clock’s enemy or kryptonite.

Broken watch.
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How to fix your biological clock: Have a good night’s sleep again!

Ok, now you know what a biological clock is. How can we fix it?

Specifically, you know it is broken if you are having trouble sleeping at night or waking up in the morning. You might wake up at odd hours throughout the night.

Don’t worry, solutions exist. You just have to be disciplined. Let’s cut to the chase.

Jet lag can cut sleep.
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Schedule your everyday behaviors linked to your 24-hour cycle or circadian rhythm including: eating, drinking, and exercising.

3 proven tips to fix your sleep cycle

  1. Eat your meals at the same time every day. Be strict with yourself about breakfast, lunch, and especially dinner. Eating at odd hours of the night, like 3am, can really mess with your metabolic consumption. What you eat is how you sleep.
  2. Exercise at the same time every day. Did you ever notice how a yoga class at 7pm , can send you right to bed early?
  3. Inconsistent light exposure changes can also influence sleep. You can try light therapy after other options are exhausted. Or try to have consistent light exposure. Meaning at night do not open the lights. In the morning, do not keep the blinds closed. This works for people with a day work schedule.
graceful woman performing variation of setu bandha sarvangasana yoga posevegetable salad on white ceramic plate beside grey stainless steel fork
Consistency is key.

If you work night shifts still, follow a scheduled meal plan and exercise routine.

As for light exposure, it might be helpful to do light therapy, meaning, getting exposed to artificial light. This can be done by buying a special light therapy lamp from somewhere like Amazon.

All these tips are based off a 2013 study. In sum, scheduled meals, exercise, and consistent light exposure can help you sleep better.

When we pull an all-nighter. Should we feel guilty? NO!

Life happens. A crazy work deadline. An extra fun night out. A bachelor or bachelorette party. You don’t have to stop living. Don’t feel guilty. Just return to your routine the day after.

No sleep: All-nighter

My personal tips for better sleep:

The following tips are my personal not-so-secret tips. This is just what works for me.

  1. Turn off your phone. Don’t just turn it off though- sleep mode exists for a reason. Use it. unless you have a life-or-death situation that needs your phone.
  2. Build a sleep routine. Go to bed at the same time every day. Turn the lights off earlier. Sit with your thoughts and ideas.
  3. Read a boring book.
  4. Don’t eat close to bedtime to avoid needing to go to the toilet.

This is all fine and dandy unless you have someone snoring next to you.

Or a roommate, who insists on keeping a light open. Unfortunately, in the case of snoring there is not much that we can do except wear ear-plugs. Maybe, sleep in another room. If this is a significant other, try falling asleep before them.

How to sleep better.
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Missing a hug when you sleep?

Last but not least, I want to end this post on a fun note. Do you like cuddling and hugs when you sleep, but have nobody to cuddle with? A new blanket is looking out for us single people and actually feels like a hug. It is called a hug blanket. Just the sound of it makes me feel cuddly.

Do you ever feel jealous of a baby who looks so swaddled? You don’t have to; you can swaddle yourself in it. Also, you can let your foot out from the bottom when you feel constricted.

couple cuddling in bed.
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It also self-adjusts to your body temperature. I am the type of person who is cold when the covers are off and hot when I am covered. So, this just might work.

I have not tried it yet though. I hope to try it soon. Let me know if you have tried it. The only thing I am scared of is if I feel claustrophobic under there.

If you enjoyed this post about sleep, check out last week’s blog about how rain sounds can help you sleep.

❤️ Sweet dreams ❤️

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