To show a picture before social distancing
Daily life poems

Social distancing – what is new?

I hope social distancing is not the new norm. These are the new thoughts and feelings that run through my head.

Unnamed thoughts circle.

Unnamed names exist.

Tina. Betina. Selena.

I think those were the crimson names of my friends.

Safe. Unsafe. Crimson blood will be shed if you see them.

See for yourself.

Fresh water waits for you.

Clean, clean.

Wish wash.

Wash your hands.

Before he who shall not be named.

The Voldemort of life.

Comes for you…

In this bubble you were born.

In this bubble you will stay.

Bid your friends adieu,

 my brain.

Swim, you must swim to the top alone.

Alone you wash your hands.

Can we just go back to the days- where talking through a payphone was a thing?

Trying to connect with others
Girl talking on payphone

This short poem is about social distancing. This is the part I wonder, what’s next? It is now the later stages of social distancing in this horrible pandemic. I am wondering is this the new normal? What are your thoughts?

Life today revolves around the pandemic. Lockdown. No lockdown. Opened. Closed. When will things go back to normal? When can we forget about the social distancing guidelines?

I do not know. For now, I will focus on the social distancing activities I can do.

In short, I love to: read, write, walk, learn how to code, talk on the phone, cook, dance, take pictures, drink coffee, eat, Netflix, YouTube, spend time with family, wear makeup, and laugh at stupid memes. *Basic*

Unsurprisingly, the activities above go on and on. It is a run on sentence because there are many activities you can do.

P.s. All names were changed to protect anonymity.

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