Stop forcing things
Daily life poems

Stop forcing things to work. Dream on Earth.

Forcing things never works.

Stop. You deserve your freedom.

Freedom, in your mind and soul.

Most of all, beyond the pages of what once was.

Sea-saw emotions spoiling the pages of your life.

Right now, I don’t-

Know if this thing will pan out.

But it feels natural. No booby traps.

Just one hope and a dream.

Walking in glass
Don’t walk into glass

Oops, you’re breaking it

Stop. Just stop where you are. Stop forcing things.

Throwing it back to yesterday is such a trap. Don’t fall for it.

Hammering a machine part into another piece over and over again, won’t make it magically fit.

Instead, you will likely cause a dent. Activate resting mode. Just be.

So easy to say yet so hard to do.

You’re not a woodpecker. Pecking at a problem over and over, in the same way, will never work.

You need a new way or a new person. Depending on whoever or whatever you thought of us as soon as I mentioned forcing things.

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Hope for better. Think forward. But don’t waste time on delusions.

Delusional. That is humans when we don’t get what we want.

Something about the sting of rejection injects a button in us, that can move mountains.

Ok, not mountains. Let’s be real. But, a little rock for sure.

Moving on
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A dream is just a goal in disguise. Luck can help a lot or what some people call destiny.

Mostly, goals either get checked, unchecked, or adjusted.

You don’t need to know your goal to keep moving. Just move. Eventually, you will find something.

Whether a brick wall or a gold mine.

A brick wall can teach us a lot. Like how some things never work. Mainly, pineapple on pizza (Sorry, you won’t change my mind).

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Finding something to dream about

Dream a little, just dream. Fly yourself to the moon. Neil Armstrong did it.

Why can’t you get to your moon? Right, you’re not an astronaut (I’m guessing 😉).

Some science skills and a spaceship are barriers. But why can’t you get to your moon? You have your legs, a car, or a public bus.

Forcing car to move

Largely, you have Google. Yahoo. Baidu. The dark web. Anything you want to figure out, you can. What’s stopping you?

You might say, I have:

  • No privilege
  • No money
  • Lacking abilities

Today, the education gap between the rich and the poor is shrinking. You can find any type of online class or resource online.

Use it. Talent can buy you genuine emotion. Shock. Fear. Angst. Whatever you want to show us. Just create.

reach for the moon
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Dream on Earth

What I mean by this, is you should acknowledge if you are horrible at singing.

Tone-deaf. If people start flinching every time you sing, don’t try to be a singer.

That is a waste of time. Unless you are working on a dope auto-tune. Be realistic.

Pick what you love and expand on it. Write down a list of your goals. Keep it on a word document.

Just writing it down makes it seem more real. More on Earth.

Not in the space of your mind only. Or somewhere far away.

Dream on Earth. Stop forcing things in your mind.

Learning to fly ✈️

Now, you have your list. What will you do with it? Think of 3 ways you can succeed at it.Let’s say I wanted to learn to fly.

First, I’d need to get wings. Second, practice flying. Third, fly for longer each time.

Right, flying. That’s not crazy, right? Hey, they thought the person who made the first airplane was crazy.

He showed them.

There are flights every day, even in a pandemic. Apparently, the busiest flight in history was on July 24, 2019, there were 225, 000 flights.

No pressure. We got this. We can fly.

Fly forward.
The closest I came to flying

What I need to fly

I need to get wings or flying shoes. For instance, a water hoverboard helps mortals fly in the water.

Once I think of my flying tool, practice comes in handy. Each time hovering further and further.

Anything can be within your grasp if you base your dream on steps. Be pragmatic about it and you will get there.

No matter how wild your idea is.

Climbing on a thin thread
You got this.

Dory was right, Just keep swimming

In conclusion, I am not a life coach.

Hell, I can barely run my own life without bumping into the same peach-colored couch every day.

I just know moving makes things easier. Forcing things never worked for me. Except, forcing an iPhone to shut down. That’s easy.

Forcing someone to do something is harder. It never works in the long run. Trying to force beliefs on someone?

That will repulse them. Especially, forcing yourself to like someone. That is a big no.

Forcing relationships is a no
Don’t force relationships

Netflix is filled with shows telling you that ending. Let’s just be.

Close your eyes. Stop thinking. Hear the sound of silence. Or the song by Simon and Garfunkel before you go. 😊

Just Stop.


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