Stop kneeling and listening to hate
Daily life poems

Stop kneeling to people’s opinions of you.

Stop kneeling.

Rise. You don’t belong on the ground.

Unless you are dozing off in the sunshine on green grass.

Grit- that is what you need to get up off the concrete.

Stand up. You don’t need a crown to stand.

Who lied to you, making your eyes so gaunt and ghastly?

Your eyes deserve to be seen. Your voice deserves to be heard.

Yes, I want all of your funny bits and pieces to shine.

No kneeling

Who killed your confidence?

Shots fired. Click, clack. Reload.

Why does criticism always come in pairs? It is never a lonely hate comment.

People chitter-chatter. Telling you, you are not enough. Your dress is too short.

Did I forget? Your voice is too loud.

You cry too much. Crying is banned for boys. Fooling you into believing, you are waging a war against nature.

Likewise, years of people criticizing you informing you of what is wrong murders your self-esteem.

Is murder too strong of a word? The way people fall out of their passions should be a crime.

A little tedious comment can kill what is so intrinsic. What he or she, more importantly, you, are born to do.

Uh-oh, that is when you are truly kneeling.

Focus on the one positive comment
Focus on the positive comment(s).

What is kneeling and why do we do it?

Kneeling (Present participle, kneel):

To be in or assume a position in which the body is supported by a knee or the knees, as when praying or showing submission.

Oxford Languages

Fundamentally, kneeling is not wrong or horrible, or bad.

We can kneel to tie our shoes. Or my personal favorite, to face a child eye-to-eye. Praying when we show our trust in something greater than us.

Kneeling is only horrible when we make it that way. When we give in to all that is negative and cruel in this world.

Kneeling down to tie shoe
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A lonely positive comment, yes queen. Yes, king 👑

Why is it so easy to kneel to negative opinions of us? Yet, so difficult to look at the positive.

One mean-spirited comment can ruin years of compliments. That is just wrong.

That is not on them. Sorry, that is on you.

Hey, you choose what to focus on. The ugly, and mean. Put your blinders on.

See it. Acknowledge it. Then move on.

Woman holding crown
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Who gets hate comments? Almost, everyone.

Reading mean comments out loud or responding to hate are popular videos.

If you ever opened YouTube, you can get a good chuckle out of celebrities reading mean comments.

Notice, the ones that look the most unbothered, who laugh along, seem more secure.

In return, the hate comments look stupid.

That is an attitude I hope to emulate.

No love

Which hate comments are most popular? Sex talk.

In 2018, a study found that 35% of profane hate words used relate to sexual orientation.

To clarify, this refers to YouTube comments. Shockingly, in Germany, 67% of Germans older than 14, experienced hate comments.

For now, hate comments and hate speech are here to stay. Hence, we need to learn to deal with them.

More importantly, teach our youth how to respond.

The best way to fight off the mean comments is to be part of counter voices or responses to hate comments on strangers’ pages.

Hit that reply button. This can help spread tolerance and civility.


Do you jump to the comment section before watching or reading something?

I am guilty of this. Especially, on YouTube and Facebook videos.

I can get lost for hours, on Facebook wars of rivals, battling over comment threads.

Sometimes, securing my opinion and understanding the gist of the video before even watching it.

MMM, ok. That is not the smartest or fairest approach.

But it is how things work on the Internet.

It is one of the secret joys, watching strangers fight.

As much as we try to deny it, there is a reason there are thousands of comments and mini-little threads.

Hate sells. Love tends to sell less. That is why we see fewer positive comments.

Just like you read these threads for entertainment purposes. Most of the time trolls comment for entertainment purposes too. It is not personal.

To take time out of your day, to go and leave a mean comment on someone’s video or post, means something in what they said resonates with you.

  1. It could be something they did that reminded you of yourself.
  2. Something they said reminds you of someone you know, or a family member.

Really, it is all about the commentator. On my end, I just let them have their space.

I don’t like deleting mean things. It is just an opinion. We all have them.

Sometimes, a person’s hairstyle can entice ill feelings in us. That is just the way of life.

block the hate

Ignoring the mean, bye haters.

Mean comments or trolling surround us. More and more people use ugly words. Meanwhile, more people are bothered.

So much so, that CNN stopped letting comments on their posts.

Other media accounts are also taking the lead with restricting comments and hate speech. You can apply the same thing to yourself.

  1. Restrict certain keyword triggers. Like b***, h*, ugly, and fat.
  2. Go private mode. Mean comments make you want to become a hermit and hide in your prison room walls. That sucks. Why suffer? Menacing words are draining you. What are you waiting for? Keep a private account for your friends and family. Not everyone deserves to see everything you do.
  3. Turn off comments. I promise, your world will stay spinning.
No comment

Why hate comments are ok sometimes

Nobody wants to be labeled a hater. However, political censorship is rampant on Facebook and Instagram.

Mislabeling political views as hate.

Recently, conflicts and human rights abuses were highly censored.

I have friends who were blocked from posting their views on Facebook. However, what do people fear from comments?

If we are going out of our way to censor, maybe we are not secure in our beliefs.

Here, in Lebanon, certain foreign sites, and blogs are also blocked.

What is it both sides fear? Seeing an element of truth on the other side?

Censorship, either way, is wrong.

Why are comments and opinions so scary? Let us all read and see what we are supposed to. Then, make our decisions.

If people hate us, is it not better to know?

Go ahead hate me. Let them hate you too. Rather, than censor it and mute it into silence and oblivion.

I am speaking of this in a political sense for social media managers.

However, when it comes to your personal page and your mental health, you also have a right to mute what you don’t want to hear.

Block whatever makes you feel awful.

Is being censored kneeling?

In conclusion, it’s ghosting time

Finally, ghosting toxic and poisonous people is not juvenile. Your time is precious. It is Yours.

You choose who to waste or enrich your time with.

Nasty comments from people you love are not always necessary. But we accept them.

There is some form of social appraisal or gift we get in return. Maybe, we get to diss them back.

As long as you are not kneeling to their opinion, it does not matter.

However, if the comments are getting to you, stopping you from living. Then, shut them down.

Hand in your resignation. Ghost away. Unlike Casper, you are under no obligation to be friendly.

Ghosting is ok

So, who are you blocking today?

Hit the reply button !