Overthinking hurts
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Stop overthinking: A message from a dying brain

Brain: I’ve been waiting a long time to tell you this, I quit. Your overthinking left me exhausted and burned out.

Dear Christy, please stop.

Stop hurting me. You are a torturer.

Torching my naptime again and again.

What did I do to you- to deserve this?

Let me remind you, I am the one that helps you move your short legs.

My left side helps you speak and yap, on and on.

Still, you neglect me.

You are undeserving of everything I do for you.

My reward? A bursting migraine starting on my right side.

You live outside.

Imagine me on the inside, I feel the throb first.

Every time your estrogen levels change, I throb and shake in pain again.

Hence, I zap you. So, you feel pain too.

No, I am not being mean.

I am just reminding you to stop thinking.

Remember, I can only handle 5 to 9 ideas at a time.

Just pick one. Or else, I will keep zapping you.

It is your choice.

Just remember, you are torturing us both.

Overthinking is torture
Overthinking is like purposively electrocuting yourself.

Shhh, shut up. Your brain needs a break from your overthinking.

You don’t want your brain to break up with you. I hate to break it to you, but you kinda need it.

Otherwise, you will be stuck like me, overthinking.

To illustrate, it is just another boring Saturday morning. I start my day with a Nescafe 3 in 1 coffee.

Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to report to the neighborhood gossip squad.

As usual, I shower, spray purple raspberry conditioner on my knotted-morning hair. Then, I open my messy closet and try to pick an outfit.

It’s hot out. Shorts and a T-shirt. No, that won’t work.

The last time you wore that Christy, people in cars started honking. Older ladies and some younger ones were giving you stinky looks.

Ok, then, let us settle for a dress. My lord, you keep getting things wrong. That will not work either.

People will think you are stuck up and high maintenance. Who wears a dress to walk around, especially these days?

Brain: But, you hate wearing pants in the summertime.

Your legs start itching and you feel like you are stuck and confined behind cotton cobwebs of restraint.

Yes, but what will they think?

Don't overthink when getting dressed.
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Do you want to waste precious time? Tick.Tock.

A waste of space and time. That’s what I think every time I overthink.

Thinking + thinking takes so much time and well, thinking.

Have you seen the memes and little notes on social media that say: Dear brain please stop overthinking?

I love seeing posts like that. They remind me to relax.

Surprise, I am not the center of other people’s universe. The world will not stop if you or I wear an outfit we love.

Hell, people care most about themselves. Not me. Not you. Sadly, the moon does not follow us either.

Instead, it is just us and our brains overthinking. However, what is overthinking?

Namely, overthinking is a loop of unproductive thoughts. Also, an excessive amount of unnecessary thoughts.

Domina Petric
Overthinking is poison

Misconceptions about overthinking

Overthinking is so easy to start.

It can start with anything as stupid as a look a random person gives you at a fancy dinner. To a laughing sound, a cashier makes.

Everything and everyone is open to interpretation.

Since overthinking takes up so much of my time, you’d think it has a special place in psychological disorders. Surprisingly, it does not.

Luckily, you are not enduring an abnormal disorder. On the contrary, overthinking is typical. A symptom of being human.

Often, overthinking is one of the byproducts of other mental health issues such as general anxiety disorder (SAD).

Overthinking, like most mental health deterrents, is only a serious problem when it starts transforming everyday life into an unendurable hell.

Overthinking is normal
Overthinking is normal in men and women.

How to stop overthinking from creating misunderstandings

Before we go down the never-ending loop of overthinking, we need to first breathe.

Then, reflect on other possible reasons people have for giving us looks. Or yelling at us. Perhaps, even opening a door.

overthinking bubble

Sometimes, people exaggerate simple actions, making them into something they are not. Delusions? Maybe.

Follow these simple pointers to avoid miscommunication:

  • Ask people what they meant by their comment. So, you read a book about non-verbal cues. So, you are convinced that a friend or coworker was giving you the stink-eye. In response, you start greeting him/her with a daring glare of your own. Now, you have a real problem. Stop thinking. Preferably, ask, “Do you have a problem”?
Asking questions.
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  • Make major decisions based on your needs. No, you don’t need every person to approve of every action you make. Here’s a secret, every person is so self-obsessed, they will forget your decision. Unless, it impacts them or their: money, relationship status, or self-esteem.
Avoid approval.
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  • Stop staring at people, they’ll stop staring at you. You know that feeling when you think everyone is looking and staring at you?  Most of the time, it is because you are looking at them. Glaring at them. Instead, if you smile, I bet the majority of people will smile back. Try it.
Effect of overthinking
The disastrous result of overthinking.

Pause. Quit overthinking. Here are 3 tips.

Now, I could list all the scary side effects of overthinking. But I think that is one of the major predicaments of overthinking.

Opening Google because of minor pain, and ending up with the diagnosis that you are dying from cancer.

That is a side effect of overthinking.

Instead, I believe you deserve options and solutions:

  1. Oh look, Eminem moved next door to you. Not really. Distraction. As soon as you catch yourself overthinking, distract yourself. You can: cook, clean, watch tv, go out, even do squats.
  2. Play musical chairs with your thoughts. Switch an unhealthy and irrational thought with a healthy one. Scream, “stop”, like a lunatic, if you are alone. Afterwards, think of something pleasant that does not subdue you into stress. If you can’t help thinking, solve a baby problem.
  3. Overthink. Just like how a virus is treated by giving you a bit of the disease into your system; overthinking can work that way too.  Schedule time to overthink. Allocate 15 to 30 minutes of your day. Set a timer. Be strict. That way, you can avoid the itch to overthink at bedtime. 
Overthinking shot

Conclusion: Win back your brain

In sum, every second you waste overthinking, your brain dims a little on the inside. Sorry, it does not like you.

Would you like someone who stays hurting you?

It is a very toxic relationship. One we would not accept or want for our loved ones. Thus, why do we accept it for ourselves?

Accept it: you deserve more. More than being trapped between overthinking inside your head while being trapped outside your body.

Let’s all unanimously decide to stop. Pretty please stop.

win back your brain

Alternatively, I will leave you with a message, to replace every one of your doubts, with a truth.

For instance, every time you think, “Ew, I look funny”. Think of a compliment someone gave you about your looks.

Every time you feel stupid. Think of a success.

When you feel like you are the worst person alive, think of a person who loves you. Slowly but surely you can change the way you think of yourself.

Remind yourself you are pretty or handsome. So on and so forth.

It starts with the little things. How we talk to ourselves in the mirror when nobody is listening.

In the spirit of honesty, this will not happen overnight. It takes time to undo the knots taking over your life so far.

But you can do it.

Before you go, pick a favorite thought or memory about yourself. Compliment yourself. Don’t wait for someone to do that for you ❤️.

Turn off your thoughts
Turn off your negative thoughts.

So, are you still thinking about what you said to him or her 3 years ago?


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