Daily life poems

Sunday weather is sad: I miss the sun

Does the Sunday weather = Depression?


Day of the sun?

I feel the rays.

The rays of boredom.

Relax. Sleep. Watch tv.

Go for a walk.

Sunday. The day to pray.


Eat. Sleep.

Kids play in the sun. On their play stations. More seldomly, on their board games.

Adults play- with their alcohol, barbecue, and gatherings.

Take a break from work.

serious entrepreneur taking a break from working on Sunday due to bad weather.
Break Time.

Take a break from university. Take a break from Saturday night partying.

Girl in red dress is out because the weather is nice.
Everything gets boring!

Reboot. Repress.

Is it really Sunday if, we are cooped up at home?

To show how everyone is stuck at home during this Sunday weather.
Not a picture of my actual home or country.

What is the difference?

We are taking a break from taking a break.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

It is all the same in our week.

Weak. That is this life.

Just another day without the sun.

N.B. The weather can affect any day of the week. For some reason, a rainy day stings more on Sunday.

You are not crazy, the weather is.

Did you ever notice how in summer you are instantly happier? I don’t think it takes an expert to figure this out.

When it rains, many people instantly sigh. Personally, as soon as the first raindrop falls- I catch myself complaining. Something, as simple as the weather can influence my mood.

Take it easy on yourself. Be nice. You deserve a nice home for your thoughts.

Good News: Winter Seasonal Depression is almost over 🎉

Do you ever feel like you are sadder in winter? Did you know that the weather can seriously influence your mood? There is actually a term for it called “seasonal depression”.

Seasonal depression in the winter is more common than you think.

So, don’t go questioning yourself like , am I crazy? Why am I crying all the time? I am not normal. It is ok to not be ok.

Over the years, studies have shown that seasonal depression affects many people in cold climates. Additionally, just the absence of the sun can cause vitamin D deficiencies. In turn, influencing your mood. Our environment influences us. Accordingly, be prepared for a changing environment.

Seasonal depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is linked to changes in the season. It can start at any season, at the same time each year. However, it is most common at the start of Fall and end of Winter. Eeek. The weather can really ruin my Sunday afternoon plans .

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, Winter hopefully ends on March 20, 2021. By the time, this blog will be posted, it will be March 13. That means there is only a couple of more weeks left of the season. There is one less reason to be depressed 🤞.

End of winter season and seasonal depression because of the weather.
End of Winter season

The role of the weather in our daily lives

People laugh about the weather. It is small talk. A conversation starter. A boring one they say. Yet, every morning I open my weather app to see how I should dress.

Unsurprisingly, the weather is the basis of most of our days without even realizing it. It starts with our clothes. Or the creep of sunshine sneaking in through the blinds- pushing you to wake up.

Questions I have when it rains

Girl walking in nice weather on Sunday.
Time for a walk.
  1. Every couple of hours I check on the weather to see if it is time to walk.
  2. Is it a good time to put my clothes outside on the laundry rack?
  3. Or is it safe to drive? Are my car brakes, ok?

We are not special: this is not the first lockdown

Do you feel like we are living in a horrible horror movie? If you watch the tv show, Snowpiercer you can find some similarities in the way the characters are scared. Except, our world is not ending (I hope not). In short, the show is about what happens after the world freezes, and the remaining survivors live together on the one surviving train.

They are trying to survive a pandemic also. However, they are stuck with the same people on a train for the rest of humanity.

What if the sun never comes? Can you imagine only darkness? I can’t. Lucky for us we don’t live on the Snowpiercer train. We don’t have to.

Train moving in cold weather.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It is fair to say this year was not what any of us expected. However, it is not the first time the world went on a lockdown.

Oh, lord. Apparently, the sun was on lockdown before us. In 2020, the sun had reduced solar activity. Experts claim it was a sun recession. I am not saying this to scare you. Actually, the sun survived and so will we. It is just something that happens. Just like diseases and environmental issues are all part of life. I would like to think it was warning us (although there is zero scientific proof or reasoning behind this). Nonetheless, it makes me feel better.

Focus on what you can do…

You are already ahead of the game. You know how and why your environment is changing.

It is your turn to react. Have specific steps to catch what’s left of the sun when you can. If you can, go on walks when the sun is out. The weather app- when it is right (snark intended), can really help with planning. If you can afford it, you can get light therapy.

Light therapy lamps help treat seasonal depression.

room corner with stacked magazines and lamp for photography
Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels.com

Here is a source to help you find light therapy lamps.

Otherwise, try to get as much natural light as you can.

If you cannot leave the house sit on the balcony.

If you do not have a balcony- put your hands outside waiting for the sun to shine.

Did you enjoy this poem and post about Sunday? Check out a similar poem about Monday.

Here’s to your next Sunday having sunny weather. I know, I don’t want to have boring Sunday weather.


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