Tanning is love.
Daily life poems

Tanning to feel alive? My sunburned history.

Does tanning help your Sunday mood?

Feeling down. Barely alive. Trying to listen to my retired heart for a beat.

I’m not sure if it’s still working. I don’t know if I’m still working.

To distract my heart, I go to the beach in a purple polka-dot bikini.

Reposing on a sunbathing bed.

Tanning – the sun hits me with its wrathful love.

Vaguely, I feel a burn and a sting.

This stint is promising. I feel practically alive.

Why not play hide-and-seek? Foolishly, I run back to the dark.

Aloof when hiding in the hazy shade.

Until the rays hit me again.

The only strong punch I accept.

Hit me again, please.

Tanning and sand.

Funny tan lines

Summer season is upon us. Funny tan lines. Mismatched faces and bodies. 

Telling a story, of a boy and girl who lived.

Orange peachy tans. Shades darker than nature intended.

This is it. The time you volunteer to get bluntly- slapped by the sun.

Do you take it to the extreme too?

You can’t be tanning without feeling pain.

Rewind ⏪ your thoughts, just before you got the brown sun damage spots.

Try your sunscreen before you end up looking like I did a couple of weeks ago on a hike (pretty ugly). 

Funny tan.

Is seeing the sun a sign of living a well-spent life? 

At one point in life, the sun was seen as a symbol of poverty. Or of a loose personality.

Poverty, because you must have worked outside to tan. Hence, your social status was lacking.

Whereas, in my grandmama’s circle (i.e., previous social norms), being out in the sun – means you were leaving the house doing naughty things.

*Shakes head*. Please don’t come after me with pitchforks. I am only showing how things evolve.

Overnight – wait actually, 50 years of overnights show how things change.

Now, people like to tan, because it means they are out and about. Also, a social symbol.

Not necessarily. Sometimes, it’s just about looking good in a tan.

The free foundation. The way a fuchsia dress pops when draped on your delicate body.

Enjoy the show, the sun spoils us. It also punishes us and makes us laugh.

Over the years of tanning, my favorite part of the tanning season is laughing at my tanning disasters (and my sister’s).

Spoiled tanning

Tanning faux-pas: My 3 cringey tanning mistakes

1. Tanning with jewelry, earphones, or a coin on you.

I don’t think I need to even mention this. But it leaves a mark on your skin. Back in the day, we sometimes did this on purpose.

Letting the earphone lines show on our chest because we thought it looked funny and cool. Like most things, future me is not impressed or amused.

2. Using a topical antiseptic (Betadine) mixed with tanning oil to achieve a quicker tan.

This tanning atrocity is more of a family gem. A remedy passed down for a quick tan. Also, a quick way to get skin cancer.

Don’t try it. Even, if you have a last-minute wedding or you need to wear white.

Mixing sunscreen and betadine

3. Don’t leave your phone out in the sun.

That little warning that says, damn, your phone overheated after spending too much time in the sun.

That’s real, not folklore. To demonstrate, that is another way my old iPhone died.

That might be a reminder that you spend too much time in the sun too. Your head is also overheating and frying.

Pour some water on your face. Take a 5-minute break.

Tanning phone

Conclusion: Where do you plan on tanning? Your roof? Window?

Despite all the bizarre tan lines, household remedies, and scaling and skin hatching stories; all the burns are worth it.

It is not a bother actually. Not worth complaining about.

Since, tanning is one of the freest, most anxiety-killing remedies for me. Thank you, tanning spirits.

My favorite playlist, a shockingly sad book, and sun. A combo after my heart 😊.

Anybody else, read the darkest books when out in public, and fear crying in front of strangers? Oh no, just me.

That is just part of the tanning experience.


Moreover, these past two years, did you find yourself having to get creative with your tan when the beaches closed?

At some point, I was sticking my legs outside my balcony window.

Even resorting to faking it to avoid my yellowy, beige tone. Using makeup, serums, and tanning drops.

What about you, where do you tan?

Or does tanning hurt your head and leave you a discolored mess (that happens to me too).

Tanning outside

What stage of your tan are you in?

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