Live to laugh
Daily life poems

Today is your day to live and explore. You got this.

What do you live for ( like a fanatic fan in the stands)?

Life was made to be lived, not won.  

Nobody can win life. 

We just trick ourselves into thinking we can.  

Outrunning time. Keeping busy- thinking we are gaining a point. 

Thinking we can outrun life. Outsmart it.  

Somehow, tricking ourselves into believing we are destined for more than those before us. 

Our time is cleverer, wiser. 

Building rewards and stacks.  

There are no points, prices, or answers.  

Just moments and ends.

What are we waiting for?

I’m done waiting for the next best thing, the next best moment.

Right. Now. This is my moment, no matter how corny that sounds.

Yesterday, I had to stop myself mid-way through my laughter to recognize it was genuine.

Falling off my bike and hitting the ground reduced me to a giggling mess.

Oh golly, did I miss laughing. When did my laugh transform into a false gimmick?

I missed me, this version of me. The normal one, care-free living like an odd-ball jumping from one conversation to another.

Abnormally, I tried to think back to the last time I laughed.

In the middle of a spin class, my mind was trying to tally all the laughs in order. WHAT A FAIL. Chiefly because I can’t count well.

Live and breathe.
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Starting my day with a laughing session in the mirror.

My lord, I preach and preach about self-love. But when was the last time I looked at myself in the mirror and sent affirmations?

I realize something needs to change.

I cannot live thinking of every missed laugh. How pathetic is that?

Accordingly, I now start my day by standing in front of the mirror, opening up a song I love, and dancing to it.

Weirdly, something is soothing about seeing yourself jumping up and down in joy.

Ever since, my days seem to be going better, happier ( the real not fake kind).

Trust me, dance in front of the mirror. Another thing I do is look at the mirror and just laugh.

I start with an exaggerated evil laugh, that makes me laugh for real.

Picking the goofiest voices to say affirmations, like “You got this”, however, in a croaky duck voice.

Anything you say, when you say it in a funny or cartoon-like voice becomes hilarious.


Make yourself laugh: Live to laugh.

Please, don’t wait for others to make you laugh. That is your job. I mean, nobody understands your humor better than you.

Own in. Tell yourself the corny joke, most other people find lame.

For the record, I am not saying you should say it out loud- you can tell the joke in your head so you do not end up looking insane :).

Watch a funny show like Fresh Prince of Belair that makes you laugh. Do anything that pulls a laugh from your soul.

Conclusion… Life is an individual journey.

In summary, when you make your own best funny moments, no other reality matters.

Not another human, place, or situation. Everything good that comes out of others is extra, it is a prize on top, like a surprise birthday party or trip you were not expecting.

When you stop expecting things that is when you feel free and airy.

Relatedly, everything around you seems so much more palpable, filled with shapes, and rose-colored lenses, or in my case, purple clouds.

Did you ever notice that the word “life” and “live” are so similar? However, the word “live”, in its verb form, means it is continuous, you can keep going.

Whereas life stops in a specific period of time.

It cannot be shifted no matter how hard we try. It is stuck as a singular, fixed, entity.

We are not immortal. That is why life is so interesting and valuable, worth every laugh, giggle, sigh, and even bee sting.

Live on the funny side.

If you can’t manage to laugh today, how about making someone else laugh? 🙂

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