Toxic Posivity
Daily life poems

Toxic positivity needs to rot in solitary prison.

Toxic positivity  

Ity pitty fumes. 
Fumigate-ing-your gooey thoughts. 

Go away. Negative Nancy is excluded. Not invited to the party.  
Out of bounds.  

A crown is barred from slanting. 
It is unfashionable to frown. 

Stay strong because when you fall you have to get up. 
Every situation has a bright side. 

Even if you are dying you should be grateful. 
What if for today, you were not, grateful that is?

Let’s call a spade a spade. 


Some things are eerily, creepily, ugly. 
And that’s ok. 

That is until toxic positivity knocks on your bedroom door. 

Toxic Positivity: A gun pointed at your head forcing you to smile

Load. Reload. An immense pressure lurks on top of all our heads to smile. To be strong.

In the face of tragedy, people find ways to joke, make videos, and make others feel more comfortable with their situation.

Society. Positive quotes. Role models. Survivor stories.

All push us towards appeasing others.

Pushing forward because that is the only thing we are regularly taught to do.

Childhood taught us to get up after we fall off the bike. Yippee, smile in the face of criticism.

Until there is no energy left to save even with the help of a power bank.

Blame is not pretty. Yet, I still blame you: toxic positivity.

I can try to hire a hitman to take you out. However, that will only make a martyr of you. Further, creating a space for forceful positivity.

Instead, I sentence you to prison time to learn how your phrases hurt. I am not saying we should all get in a circle and complain one after the other.

But why do we feel the need to compare pain? Compare tragedies?

Always smiling is toxic positivity

Unpacking toxic positivity🎁

Positive vibes only. No farting allowed unless it smells like the Emporio Armani “Because it’s you”, scent.

This fixation is bound to fail.

As a reference, toxic positivity is the idea that:

People should be happy all the time and reject all negative emotions.

Burning bad thoughts

As a result, whenever teenagers start feeling down, disappointed, or alone- guilt surfaces.

Please don’t feel guilty for feeling what you feel.

More importantly, don’t make people feel guilty for their feelings.

These emotions can transition into anxiety and depression.

Additionally, even positive psychology, a branch of psychology has been criticized for making people feel pressured to stay positive through all circumstances.

At times, this perspective can be misinterpreted, keeping people in abusive situations

Sentences we think help. That is actually toxic(y)

  1. Look at Peg, she is still smiling and she got in a debilitating accident.
  2. Stay Strong.
  3. Just look at the bright side.
  4. Things will get better.
  5. At least, you still look pretty or handsome.

Individually, as single words and phrases – they are just strings. Fine. No cuss words.

No hateful speech. Not even bullying.

It can’t be toxic, right? Wrong.

This is toxic if someone just told you they want to commit suicide. Or that they feel helpless and lost.

Unfortunately, it is not the time to bring up your struggles or the struggles of people you think are less privileged than you.

The immense need to keep up with the happy facade of social media, texts, and messages means we bottle up our emotions.

Leaving them to stew alone- waiting to combust.

Pent up emotions

The originator of the “Think on the bright side of life”.

The media page on Facebook, “Bright Side” includes a lot of uplifting stories that make my day, morning, and sometimes my week.

I do not want to stop it. Block it. Or cancel it.

Sang Brian, the originator of the “Always look on the bright side of life”, after being sent to death, is a mantra to try to emulate.

Is it realistic to always feel that way?

Positivity helps us get out of sticky situations. However, positivity as a movement is damaging.

Also, universal agreeable nature is a fib- some are calling out for a critical re-evaluation.

Bright Side

It’s ok to be not okay vs. positivity campaign

Look, extremism on either side is not okay.

Don’t go hunting out every positive person, saying, “Oh your smile is fake. Nobody can be happy all the time”.

There is a space for both positivity and negativity in this world. Recently, teachers were being verbally attacked for being positive.

Rebuked with the phrase, “It’s ok not to be ok”. Yes, it is ok not to be ok (actually that is a really good K-pop show to check out).

But it is also ok to be ok.

Fake or real

In my opinion, we should all leave each other in our own little spaces of positivity, negativity, and anger. Use any filler word you want.

The only time it matters is when we are being toxic to another person. Invalidating their feelings.

If someone comes up to you with an issue, do not invalidate their problems. Through comparison and more.

Yet, if someone is sharing a success story, a happy story, or a resilience story- it does not mean they are being toxic either.

We can’t force positive or negative emotions. They just exist as a natural part of being a human.

Instead, the concept of healthy positivity is more realistic. Focusing on growth. Whereby, we accept all feelings linked to a problem.

Accept or reject

Conclusion. Cry if you want to.

Do you know the song, that goes, “It is my birthday I can cry if I want to”? Well, it is your life, you can break down if you want to.

Cry. Scream. Complain. Yes, even smile if you feel like it.

A lot of times people lie. Be authentic and honest, they exclaim.

Yet, when you reveal your emotions, inner thoughts, and ideas; they run.

They cry out, “I am worried you sound so sad and pessimistic”.

Complaints and worries are only permitted in a manner people can digest.

In reality, your complaints and sadness need to be “relatable” to matter.

You need to grieve and display sadness, a frown, trauma in the prototype they programmed. Like a robot.

At least, for today (un)program yourself. Self-detonate. Say how you really feel, especially to yourself.

Toxic positivity- no frown

Don’t cover up our thoughts 🤐

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