Is timing luck?
Daily life poems

Wait for ideal timing. Does patience work, or is it luck?

Ice is the perfect example of timing done right.

Cold, water waiting to freeze,

easing into ice for me.

Itching to drop it into a chilly Diet Coke. 

Icy water is the ultimate balancing test.

Take it out too soon; it will not freeze.

Keep it out for too long; it will melt.

Wait for the perfect time, and she will be yours to keep. 

The illusion of perfect timing

There is no such thing as bad timing. Try telling that to a person who walked into the wrong place at a miss-fateful time.

Wham. Sentenced to a crime they did not commit. Serving years for a murder that did not transpire, by their hands at least.

Illustion of perfect timing.

What? This only happens in the movies.

Not really.

It is a reality in the living rooms of random moms crying, waiting for their sons or daughters to come home.

Timing can either work in your favor or destroy you. Hence, do not wait for the perfect moment.

It may never come. Then, what are you left with? What if’s. Nothing destroys a psyche like a missed opportunity.

So, watch out for the signs.

Window of opportunity

An opportunity like lightning does not always strike twice. Ironically, that is a myth. Lightning can strike in one place twice and repeatedly, especially if it is a tall and isolated object.

To me, luck is like lightning striking more than once in the same spot. Possibly, opening the door to new opportunities and higher chances of success.

When the voodoo magic of life lands an opportunity spell near you- do not waste time questioning it.

You will end up at a cliff-ender and dead end. There is no pure end. Instead, take your opportunity and run with it.

Sure, waiting to release your idea when it is a “hub” or “trend” helps.

Sometimes, the same content can be released at different times garnering, opposite tastes.

Wait for an opportunity, sure. You can wait for people too. However, don’t always expect them to stay or for opportunities to stay put either.

Run your life like how you would run an investment firm. Yes, you need to take a risk and listen to the signs. But you also need to keep your eyes open.

The timing of entry into a new market is an important strategic choice for firms. Timing influences firm performance and survival.

Likewise, timing influences day-to-day success. Even the creation of the watch.

Patience vs. courage

A war exists between believers of patience vs. courage. You need the courage to go for your beliefs. Regrettably, you can have courage and still fail.

Being too cautious means you can miss a liberating opportunity.

Then again, patience can mean you also missed misfortune. Consequently, failing to launch like the main character in the movie, Failure to launch.

Luck is many times the solution or curse. Even when we feel defeated, we should not blame luck to avoid responsibility. Yet, when luck happens, it can happen anywhere.

Luck in the workplace

Opportunity plays a more important role than it is given credit for in many fields including, art, science, and finance.

For instance, one scientist acknowledged that luck plays a role in the career path like finding a position or worthy mentor. However, believing it is not linked to scientific breakthroughs.

Throughout the creative process, luck can happen, and a talented person can be discovered.

Good timing: Roll your dice.

All this does not negate their success or talent but instead boosts it. If you are open to luck, this can be you too.

Don’t stay stuck on comparing yourself to others next to you.

If someone is lucky, it does not mean they are not skilled.

It just means they were allowed to let their skill shine.

Myth buster: a lack of control is not your fault.

Sorry to disappoint if you get caught in debt after making disappointing decisions- it is likely your fault. Moral luck is the term coined to mean lack of control.

Factors beyond a person’s control influence the blame or praise they receive. Effectively, the pit-hole of this perception, which loses most people, including me.

I believe people are worthy of praise. Primarily, I hate when luck’s twisted into something ugly: to berate people.

This definition leads to the debate on how control is related to moral responsibility. Responsibility exists whether we feel it is our fault or not.

However, this does not erase the presence of luck.


What can you do if the timing is working against you?

Lastly, unfortunately, I do not believe in sugar-coating things.

Namely, it is unfortunate since sometimes I leave a sensationalized, pessimistic, and fatalist view of the world.

Flashback to a time where everything you did ended up boomeranged back to you. Likely, that was the effect of poor timing.

In such cases, what do you do? Break. Stop. Go inwards. Sideways.

Try other avenues. Do not stay doing the same thing over and over again because it feels comfortable.

Simply try a new opportunity, goal, and dream. Then, come back to your old objective when the timing is better.


Wasteful questions

Timing whether, a social construction or the secret orchestrator of our life – ends in fateful or ill-fated steps.

  • If only you did not go to the park on Monday, you wouldn’t have broken your leg.
  • Moving to a new country was the cause of a relative’s murder.
Timing is controlled.

Was it the country that did that, or horrible timing, who knows?

Perhaps, even if they did stay behind, a freak accident like a closet hitting them on the head would do the job.

Questions when it comes to timing in the personal realm are just that too personal and wrong.

Plausibly, resulting in forgetfulness. Whereby we overlook the real cause. A million scenarios can be born and flown, only to crash and shoot down.

The truth is we don’t know. Maybe, that is what scares us the most. Whether you believe in luck or not, I hope luck strikes you this year.

Are you feeling lucky today?

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