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Wake up your inner child and have a play-date *Fun*

When was the last time you thought about your inner child and hidden wounds?

I thought about my younger self today. I wrote her a poem 👇🏼. Also, a blog post dedicated to healing her.

In my heart I know, I am wrong.

Every day, I turn my back on the girl I once was.

My inner child is pacing back and forth.

Waiting for the version of me she loves to stand up.

Every step I take, I accidentally erase a pixel from her image.

Stuck. Reduced to a measly low-resolution, knock-off version of her: HD childhood existence.

Will I ever make her proud?

Would our younger self like us?

Let’s start with hello… baby steps

Knock, knock. Do you remember me? I’m you, only cuter.

The big mean world always tries to hurt us. I noticed the dark monsters and red snakes attacking me.

But I believe I am lucky- I can do anything, and kill each snake one by one.

Inner child playing

People always think we don’t understand anything. But me and my friends notice things.

We talk to each other about how they stay fighting. Or how I visit grandpa’s house and he’s not there.

They say he is on a business trip, but he doesn’t have business outside.

Since when does he travel for so long?

I know he would never leave me. Something happened to him.

Their eyes squint and their faces crunch scrunch up in a funny face, each time we mention him.

At 9, you found out he died. But, you always felt it in the back of your mind.

Dreams. That is where you saw him all the time, sitting in his garden, next to you.

You pull him up and around. Insist on sitting in his lap and feeding him all the food in your hand.

He always accepts anything you give him to eat.

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Remember that time you learned to ride a bike

Remember that time you, I mean I, fell on the ground while riding the bike?

I jumped back up and learned how to do a 360-degree turn.

I can do it, I can do it yes I can. 

Those were the words my mom told me to chant when I rode a bike for the first time.

Why don’t you ride anymore? All you do is look at a screen. You’re so boring.

I’m funny- why don’t you let people see that?

Learning how to ride a bike.
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Why we need to wake up our inner child and re-parent them

We have two jobs in life. First, to be children, grow up, and reach adulthood. *Yay, Congrats you made it* 🎉.

Some children are raised by loving parents. Other children raise themselves.

Second, it is our job to grow young again. To re-parent ourselves.

Every person, our parents included, needs to find a way to re-parent themselves because we are all individuals.

Not because our parents are bad. Or because our children sucked the life out of us.

We need to find ourselves as our entity, based on our past familial foundation.

Why? To make important decisions. 

Namely, about our lifestyle, politics, ethics, and behavior. To be vegan or not? Liberal or conservative? Our career and family choices. 

Zap. Overnight we are older. Having our own little unique experiences.

Have fun with your inner child.
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Life lessons… Once I was 7 years old, my mama told me go make some friends or you’ll be lonely

Explaining Self-Attachment:

There are many sciencey ways to describe the inner child.

But I think the song, 7 Years by Lukas Graham, describes it better. Listen to the song if you haven’t heard it already.

Your inner child is a guide that teaches you life lessons year by year. It is up to us to listen.

The attachments we had as kids shape our adult relationships with our friends, co-workers, and loved ones.

In a 2018 study, it was discovered that our inner child is linked to gaining useful life lessons throughout adulthood.

A secure and loving attachment as a child often means a secure attachment as an adult.

Whereas, insecure or toxic attachments lead to insecure adult relationships.

Security matters to our inner child and our adult self.
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An unhealthy self-attachment damages our well-being

Are you in a toxic relationship? Look back, you can know why.

Hate your job but you can’t quit, this may be the reason. Trouble confronting your boss and co-workers?

Insecure or toxic attachments can result in difficulties in self-regulating social behavior and emotions.

As a result, by learning how to grow a secure self-attachment, we can heal our inner child and adult relationships.

Self-attachment involves an internal, affectionate, and passionate bond within a person.

Think of it like dating yourself, in a non-narcissistic non-creepy way of course.

Chiefly, the bond is between our adult and inner child.

The taller version of us, the boring adult, is characterized by our logic and cognitive behavior.

Whereas, our inner child holds our irregular and irrational emotions. Think temper tantrums.

This is the basis of our attachments as adults.

Attachments influence our emotional dynamics, hormones, and neurotransmitters.

Heal your inner child
Heal your inner child

Have a play-date with your younger self

Furthermore, like any relationship, our relationship with ourselves takes work, effort, and time.

I know it sounds crazy. But have a play date with your mini-you.

People would think you are insane dancing with the image of your younger self or even singing to him or her.

But this isn’t about them. This is about you.

You can play all the video games and eat all the unhealthy snacks you want.

As a response to the lack of in-person available treatments, creators found a virtual reality platform to practice self-attachment, with ourselves.

How to talk to ourselves. More importantly, how to develop a loving bond with ourselves.

Using avatars to create photorealistic events. Specifically, 3D- childhood images are used to give a more realistic take of our memories. If it is available to you be sure to try it out.

Childhood images
Your inner child is taking a picture of you.

However, we can do the same by:

  • Looking at childhood images to remember childhood memories and imagine the child is with you
  • Create a loving relationship with your younger self by using dance, song, to create a bond

Depending on your age, you could even have videos available to watch.

Can you spot your past personality? This can help us deal with depression and anxiety.

What was I thinking
I wonder what I was thinking. At that age, I always had a spy story going on in my head.

Don’t forget your inner child: How to heal your inner child

Find ways to make your inner child visible. She (or he) sees you. It is your turn to look back. Listen to stories from your elders, read your old diary.

Or watch old videos.

Find a way to bond with yourself.

Your story matters
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It’s ok not to be ready: Your inner child will wait for you

My inner child has deep and personal wounds.

I’m sure you also have wounds that you only know about. Maybe, you’re not ready to talk about them.

I know there are some things I’m not ready to talk about either. Psychological trauma does that to you.

While I’m not ready to share everything with the public, I can share it with very close friends.

I hope you share some of your problems with people who love you.

Maybe talking about them with ourselves will help. It takes work to heal our inner child.

I’m crazy I have been talking to myself through writing a lot lately. Therefore, I learned a lot of life lessons these past 3 years.

Is it time to go? Are you leaving again? Just 1 more minute, please 🥺.

Hey, I know I called myself cuter than you earlier in the introduction. But I see that you like the clothes you wear now.

You don’t look uncomfortable in dresses. Are they still itchy?

You are more confident. I never imagined you would look like mom with makeup.

Wow, you visited a university. I always wanted to know what a college party was like.

Even your hair is so long. More importantly, you finally got to do your eyebrows.

Thank god, you don’t have bangs now. Ok, bye for real. It is time for me to go.

Your adult self hiding behind a door.
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Don’t be shy. Talk to your inner child. I promise, he or she will listen 😊


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