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What I won from walking 10,000 steps a day: Hunger

Hey you, your neighborhood sidewalk is waiting for you. Let’s get to walking and a lot of talking 👇🏼.

A sidewalk barks at you. 

Your feet are for moving, 

one step in front of the other. 

Likewise, one wheel moving beside the other. 

Just use it- 

Don't abuse it. 

Roll, wheel, jump, sing, and play; 

the sidewalk is for you and me.

3 things I learned from walking every day

1. Your butt or behind can hurt from walking too much. I know I am supposed to be giving some inspirational bullshit. But I am just being honest. After walking 15, 000 steps my butt, plainly hurts. I can’t sit still or move.

2. Routine is not your friend. If you go the same path every day, you get bored. Surprise yourself (and your knees). 

3. Walking alone will not make you lose weight. Ok, this seems illogical. If you are incredibly inactive, walking will help you shed a few pounds or kilograms at first (yay).

However, if you start at an average weight like me, walking does not burn many calories.

For instance, I walk every day for a minimum of 1 hour and 30 minutes. At 1 meter 54 cm, you cannot expect to burn much walking. 

Did I mention you can get hunger pangs (my favorite part)👇🏼?

walking feet

Why hunger is my reward from walking

Every time I start working out, I gain weight, and I love it. I know it is counterintuitive, but hear me out first. 

Hunger pangs

I love having a ravenous appetite.

Ironically, every time I work out or move in any way further than my couch, I get hungry. 

So what? For the longest time, I did not think I could get hungry, especially for meals. Snacks are my memo.

However, chicken on a plate with rice or a burger and fries never meant much to me. 

Unhealthily, I could even eat snacks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There was a time I did that. 

Things like chips, chocolate, crackers, and coffee have cemented a long-lasting position in my heart. 

Somewhere along my developmental years, I destroyed my metabolism.

I fiddled my body like a yoyo, making it go backward and forwards, up the scale, and then back down, sometimes dangerously low.

Along the way, my hunger cues got messed up.

A genuine feeling of hunger for lunch and dinner was missing. Walking helped me find it. For that, I am thankful.

How I got back to walking

Walking is not new for me. My memories are marked with going around and around in circles as a tourist.

See, my mom believed that the right way to learn about a country is to walk it.

Sometimes, skipping lunch due to discovering a new touristic attraction. Long walks could last till 6 pm.

As an adult, that is not much. For a hungry child thinking of pizza, it seems like a lifetime.

Perhaps, my memories are tainted and exaggerated. However, the memory in my mind links walking for ages until it is finally dinner time.

Ironically, when I travel today, I do the same. At home, I also find the best way to discover any town is walking. So, thank you, mom, for that.

Nonetheless, as university and adulthood lurked around the corner, I walked less and less. Instead, I opted to use my car to drive. That is until COVID and lockdown changed things.

Find strolling partners

With the gyms, and establishments closed, I found the only thing to do was walk.

On my end, though, I cannot walk alone. Instead, walking with two tall walking partners across town.

Want a coffee? We walked. Looking to buy credit for our phones or run an errand in town, we moved.

Slowly, this became a habit. Now, I feel weird if I don’t walk at least an hour a day. Ha. I never thought I would say that in my life.

Our sometimes 3-hour walks are not exactly strenuous. We chat, poke fun at each other, and stop by for snacks at bakeries or food stores. However, we have childlike jovial fun.

walking buddies

Naive things I revived by running wild on sidewalks

Sidewalk talks are so fun

On the side of a road, I once knew

He stands, looking for you.

Remember when you would sneak around to talk.

Walk it out for fun. Lie down on sidewalks. Not care about the dirt.

Fun jump

Walking exclusively over the straight line, scared to touch the broken curves.

The floor is lava

You jump onto a nearby pole, wrapping your legs around it. One and two loops.

Picking up wishing bones as you walk, collecting flowers on your way.

The last one to the green pole is a Chicken.

No, we are the chickens now. Now we sneak talks instead of walks.

I feel like I can fly.

Conclusion: Why 10K steps?

In closing, did you ever wonder where the 10K steps trend started? I have no idea. 

All I know is suddenly every blog, active person, and even my phone started recommending this step goal. 

I’m not going to lie- I got addicted to seeing my watch buzz me that I reached my goal. 

Often, walking only to reach that end goal. However, the more you walk, the more you realize that it is not that many steps. 

Once you start walking regularly, you notice you can easily walk more.

Nonetheless, it is an easy way to start getting into walking. Adding a dose of internal competition is never harmful.

Yet, walking for fun with people whose company you enjoy is addictive within itself. Perhaps, this past year has allowed me to go back to the simple and basic things. 

Either way, I suspect I will be walking a lot more this week, given that the gas stations might be closed the entire week due to strikes.

Or maybe, it is time to get a bike? Do you think biking is addictive too?

0 steps of walking.
My watch says I still did not do any steps today. Ok, I’m going to walk away now 👋 .

Do you track your steps?

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