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What my height says about me. Can you think tall?

Calling all shorties. And loved ones of shorties. What do you love and hate about your height?

Today, I’ll finally do it.

I’ll grow taller. I will reach that hidden shelf up on the wall.

Maybe, I will reach the counter.

Then, maybe you would see me.

Maybe, then, you would take me seriously, like the adult I am.

Today, I will toss my stepper into the past. 

Perhaps, I won’t have to become mute and astute.

Maybe I would walk without a clicking noise following me. 

I have a family album, you know. All the young ones tower me now.

Maybe, I should have sipped my milk as a kid instead of feeding it to the cats.

But then, I wouldn’t be me.

height changes

Can you think tall? On being the shortest in the family.

Growing up, as the shortest person in my family. I often found myself thinking tall. Sneaking in cm’s using heels and silent, hidden heels.

The ones that do not make a noise when you walk.

I guess I never realized how short I was till my baby cousins grew taller than me.

Faced day-to-day with the shocking height difference.

A long lean elbow placed on your head like a headrest, makes you notice things. Pictures too.

There was a time I could carry all 3 of my younger cousins. Now, all above 170 cm.

When did I get so small and fragile? When did they grow so much?

What is thinking tall?

Perhaps, I never realized I was short until I reached my third year of university. That sounds funny. I know.

In that instagramable moment, I realized I was petite.

But, I was never really aware. I guess I thought I was tall.

My neck was always outstretched. I always felt I occupied space. I tranced myself into thinking I was tall.

yellow steel bathtub
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Small, short, disturbing thoughts

Just 5 cm, and you would have become a tall midget. A joke by a relative I hear often.

From harmless family banter to my low self-confidence. Roasted, the butt of a joke.

Fortunately, it was not until recent years that I became consumed with the concept of being short.

It was never a way I identified. Not a personality trait.

Perhaps, it has something to do with becoming an adult when people still view me as fragile. As a child.

Daily, people assume I am younger. Never quite fitting in many of the adult pants.

Standing Height

When you are younger, it does not bother you.

As I grew older, I just wanted to be taken seriously. At some point, it started consuming me.

Riddling my thoughts at night before I put my head down to sleep.

You know how you read about foot binding, and think, how could someone ever torture themselves like that? Insecurity can do that to you.

I seriously contemplated and wishfully hoped, I would do the leg-lengthening surgery, which can help you increase up to 13 cm (5 inches).

Whereby, you separate part of your bone, and pull leg segments slowly, for the new bone to regenerate. The device used is called a fixator.

That is the first form of plastic surgery I ever wanted (and last).

Today, I do not want to do that. I accepted I am short. I don’t even know if my personality suits being tall.

EEk, here I go again, using being short as a personality trait. It is not. My bad.

What your height means about you when dating

  1. A tall man. In the dating game, you have the most options. Most people are appropriate heights for you. Also, ticking the 6 feet mark, many women have.
  2. A short man. Initially, you get turned down by some girls for your height. However, you usually have a great personality to fall back on, which is great for people.
  3. A tall girl. Hey model. You are gorgeous. You will find a guy taller than you. If not, try dipping into the shorter pool.
  4. A short girl. When it comes to dating you have options. Not so much when it comes to maxi dresses and more. But hey, that is life. You can use dresses as shirts.

Ok, please disregard everything I said above about dating.

It is stupid. Yes, people have preferences. It is perfectly normal to find someone taller or shorter than you attractive. But height is not a personality trait.

You cannot tell by looking at someone tall or short if they got rejected. That is called being a quack.

Let us not make it into a standard.

Unfortunately, that is what a lot of people say or think about height. It is a dealbreaker.

I have seen short guys who dated taller women and vs. versa. It happens all the time.

No need to make lists and boxes.


Let’s go back to being confidently stupid and reckless

Young and free

Sometimes, I wish I could rewind time. To when I didn’t think much. There is freedom in not overthinking or thinking at all. Being Reckless. Young. Foolish.

It is a shame to tame the reckless youth.

This sense of fearlessness and belief that we are invincible only happens for a short period.

Unless, you use cocaine, which well, isn’t the best of drugs.

I mean, forget your height. We should live in a way, where our height does not matter.

Your essence only comes from your personality, feelings, and actions.

person standing on hand rails with arms wide open facing the mountains and clouds
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Conclusion… Are we looking inwards too much?

Self-growth. Self-love. Self-everything, it all has to do with the ego, the self.

I am unsure if that is the proper way to continue things either.

Perhaps, I am too introspective. Looking inwards too much is also a fault. Mindfulness is great, but there is a world outside my mind.

Perhaps, when I was younger, I never noticed all these things about myself, because I never stayed looking at myself.

Social media existed, but it was not as overwhelming as it is today.

I did not see an image of myself every day. So painfully aware of every angle and my good and bad side.

BTW, it is my right side if you are wondering.

We are faced with so much of ourselves, we start focusing on me, me, me.

There is more to me and you than our looks and height.

brunette cousins

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