R.I.P. beloved watch
Daily life poems

Who killed watch-wearing? Why don’t we see clocks?

Help, save the clock in your house. Watch out for its tick.

60 seconds left on this Earth.
Was life worth it?
What do you plan to do with it?
Are you proud or ashamed?
Time is stuck, running too slow when we want it to fly by.
Running too fast when we want it to slow down.
Forever stuck- wanting what we can’t have.
green clock on wall

Large clocks in shared spaces

At my Grandma’s house, the first thing you are greeted with is a large, old, brown wooden clock.

Placed at the center of the main living room.

Every time I look up from my phone, this watch looks back at me. Ever since I was little, I am used to seeing it in front of me.

pendelum clock

At some point, the clock stopped ticking right. Yet, we never took it off the wall.

Also, someone, not naming names, moved the clock out of its place to another spot on the white walls.

My mind could not accept this change.

Constantly, looking up at the wall waiting for it to blink back at me. Hey, I was not the only one.

Every family member missed that old clock. Indeed, the clock returned to its rightful place above the TV.

Now, the clock is more nostalgic, decorative, and eye candy (for me at least).

In the whirlwind turn of life events, and the birth of smartphones, clocks became a decorative or quaint statement.

However, I for one, still enjoy seeing large clocks in public spaces, especially on the roads or at key meeting points.

A pendulum clock, the one that swings, was created in 1656 by Christiaan Huygens.

I think it closely resembles the clock at my grandma’s house ( minus the swinging).

Who invented timekeeping and the watch?

Furthermore, the Ancient Egyptians were quite clever with their discoveries. Helping us formulate a 12-month calendar, made up of 30 days.

From there, many civilizations formulated ways to track and tell time.

Thank you to Peter Henlein, a locksmith who hails from Germany, for the modern-day clock above my grandma’s lantern.

As well as, the very first, “clock watch”.

Previously, carried as pendants around the neck. Then, turning into pocket watches; attached to men’s pockets like Prince Albert in the 1800s.

yes, pocket watch

Let’s talk about wristwatches👇🏼.

Additionally, when It comes to actual wristwatches; there is conflicting evidence on who created the first one.

Some saying it was made in Switzerland, for Countess Koscowiz of Hungary by Patek Philippe in 1868.

Despite the controversy, the Swiss watch is one of the first records that is saved.

Hence, I honestly do not know. I am looking more at the aesthetic aspects of the watch.

To elaborate, watches were only worn by women (i.e., not men) before the 20th century.

War, despite being awful is also a trend-setter. The First World War meant soldiers were annoyed and distracted by constantly taking out their watches from their pockets.

Maybe, it is the equivalent of us constantly taking out our phones from our pockets.

Speaking of distractions. Imagine a gun is being fired at you. I’m guessing you’d need all the concentration you can get.

Hence, like the women of their time, they started wearing watches on their wrists too.

Sadly, all this interesting clock history is wasted on me who wears decorative watches that do not tick. 😭.

Read more on Jack Mason for a more detailed view of the watch timeline. This is just for fun :).

old watch

Should we add hours in the day? 48 hour days?

Before yesterday, I did not sleep at all. I spent almost 48 hours awake. Yet, my sleep was peaceful.

Perhaps, my personality was manic. However, I was happy, energized, and felt more alive than ever.

Do you feel that way too?

Longer workdays

Moreover, the economy today means many people are working double shifts. Night and day.

As soon as they return home, they work on their sidepiece job.

More and more people do this. Is it because we are living longer as a society?

While I do not think all days should be 48 hours, but it would be fun to make 48 hour days once every couple of weeks.

Why not? It changes the pace of things. Letting us catch up on all the missed time.

Nobody likes to be robbed of minutes.

While sleep is not robbing our minutes, I adore days where every minute is used. Fully stuffed with memories, productivity, and laughing.

That is medicine for the heart.

Can we buy time?

We can buy Rolexes and cuckoo clocks.

But not the time that matters. 

Not the type that stops. 

Cucu clock

Unless we choose to make some of our days 48 hours.

Who says we have to stick to a 24-hour schedule to sleep, eat, work, and repeat?

Granted, this is dependent on our odd mood swings.

On days we are feeling down, bored, and desolate. Time seems like it is stagnant and immobile.

Never ticking. Sleeping early to pass the time.

On days like this obviously, we cannot have 48 hour days. This is why it can never be generalized at a large-scale level.

Bird peeking out.

What would you do if your day was 48 hours?

In conclusion, it does not matter if we think time is real or not. It is how our world runs, especially businesses.

But our personal business, productivity, and fun do not have to work on their hours.

At last, my minute can last more. We do not have to do things in order.

It is not a conspiracy. Ignore the people that shake their heads at you, confused about why you are still awake.

I am awake because I am excited. Scared of sleeping and losing another minute. Or worse, losing my excitement.

What if I sleep and wake up angry tomorrow?

That will not work for me. So, I stay awake.

We can choose to stay awake when we are feeling uppity.

But now I need to recuperate.

I am not kicking you out, but I am not that excited at the moment. Sorry, I am going to go sleep.

Tomorrow, I will insert pictures here. Was that too many details? I think so. Ok, bye for real.

Do you wear watches that don’t tick too?


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