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Why molasses (sugar) reminds me of politicization.

The process of making molasses is icky. Let’s stop trying to change everything.

Molasses (sweetener ).

Meddling masters moving my mind midway – muttering -mean model musings. Must men moo(n) me.

Molasses monies.

Miss me?

Then you should not have re-modeled me, stripped me of my leaves. Raped me to sweeten your tea, chocolate, and emotions.

Must we redefine everything for money?

Molasses monies – not without your permission sugar cane.

Stripping entertainment of its fun

In hindsight, political activism and molasses are very dissimilar. I mean, politics is not exactly sweet.

However, the process of modifying sugar, which is already sweet enough, into something else – reminds me of the politicization of spaces.

To make molasses, a sugar cane is harvested and stripped of its leaves.

Molasses is a thick, dark, brown juice obtained from raw sugar during the refining process.

Definition from Oxford Languages
Molasses sweetener

Dear producers, please don’t kill shows in reboots.

I vote no more joy-killers and fun rippers. That is what I feel when someone tries to force a political view on an apolitical art, comedy, or good old-fashioned fun.

Especially shows like Gossip Girl. I mean seriously, why so serious?

Reboots can sometimes ruin the image of beloved shows.

In my opinion, the joy of mindless entertainment is that people from so many different views can laugh at the same thing.

Two people who hate each other down to their rotten core, can enjoy a moment of connection.

Compartmentalizing distressing news and politics 

Is there a time and a place? Usually, I try to be politically correct, but enough is enough.

I find there is no safe space for positivity or apolitical spaces.

Every day there is a crisis in a country.

A pandemic, humanitarian injustices, and environmental issues smacking people in the faces. They deserve their air time.

But why do we try to force every single space to be political?

I don't care
Some days I don’t care.

Dumb entertainment rotting my brain cells (yay )

I loudly and proudly state I need a space that is a distraction from the real-life atrocities.

Frequently, people mock the videos on fashion, fast cars, or meaningless movies.

However, during war times, Hollywood strives to distract people from their pain and sorrow.

Can we simply leave it at that, some movies are apolitical, romantic or comedies? Certain narratives do not need a spin.

Well, that is still political in a way. Them distracting you is a ploy, so you don’t cause strife, protests, and forceful overtakes.

If you think about it, that is indeed very political.

However, to the naked eye, a comedic movie, like Mrs. Doubtfire, reminds you about the importance of family and makes you laugh and even leaves you in awe at the lengths a man takes to spend time with his kids.

The role models we never knew we had or needed.

In this way, politics could have ruined this movie that is so universally applicable and relatable, as family and laughter exists everywhere.

Positive vibes.
Sometimes you need a positive space.

Should businesses take political stances?

Even in spaces outside of entertainment, like business pages, there is social pressure to be political.

I understand the business that doesn’t want to be political why should we force them.

Some people simply like making creams to make your skin smooth. Do we have to confuse things?

Please note this is not the same as boycotting businesses that you believe are doing harm in the world. I also boycott those places if their beliefs don’t align with mine since I am indirectly supporting a cause. 

However, a business owner’s social media page deserves to be just that a place for laughs, kicks, fashion, math- whatever it is they choose.

I don't care?
Is it ok for businesses to not care?

Politically naive or ignorant?

When it comes to politics I weirdly understand the aspect of being too naive, oblivious, and sometimes even ignorant.

To illustrate, growing up, politics was the furthest thing from my mind. Although I did watch CNN, BBC, Fox, and Al Jazeera passively often since my father would flip between all the news channels religiously.

However, I never stuck around to find out what anything meant.

Admittedly, I did not even know who Gaddafi was. Ok, that might seem normal to you not everyone knows about Libyan politics.

Except, my dad was in the country at the time, where Gaddafi was overthrown and killed. 

Yet, in class, the teacher asked about him and laughed at me when I didn’t know who he was. He laughed, even more, when he found out my father worked there in a humanitarian context.

Big oops and fail. Flashforward, to university where I started a major in political science and a master’s in migration and even did research on extremely political and sensitive contexts.

Ha, how things change. The teacher would probably shake his head in confusion about how I ended up here with these interests.

All the macro systems at play and intersections of politics are something I learned, and now understand dictate a lot of the outcomes of how my daily life spins and turns.

Apolitical spaces

Still, I do not feel the need to be political everywhere. I can help when I can, when I feel I can make a change, through offering my penmanship and research skills.

Yet, to be honest, posting on social media seems to be more like a pat on my own back, as really, most people on my friend’s list share more or less similar views- who are we trying to impress?

I am not an influencer who is famous with deep connections nor am I powerful. Talking about these things seems more social as a way to placate my own needs and feelings.

That’s not what I’m about. I prefer sincerity.

Instead, I offer my voice and skill in a way I think I can help. But why is it almost a competition like a hidden race between people to show who’s more knowledgeable?

Always needing to one-up the other and taint the spaces that are apolitical.

When is the right time to not speak up?

We need to speak up for what we find injustices. However, we also can choose where we put our time and space.

Political spaces like blogs, news, and radio shows are all ways to express your politics. Music, art, and sometimes even where you choose to put your kid in school is a political choice.

The intersection can be a mesmerizing play of flare, character, opinion, intelligence, and beauty.

Conclusion … I’m going back to hallmark movies.

Ok, molasses when smashed up into an oriental dessert tastes scrumptious.

Also, politics is sometimes fun to watch, with all the debates, and serious life decisions. In short, at times molasses and politics is positive.

But there needs to be room for things beyond politics.

There is a space for light, fun, airy music and movies, like sappy feel-good hallmark movies.

I miss corny Disney shows, hallmark movies, and movies like Clueless, Mean Girls, and Dr. Doolittle.

Is it just me or are most TVs shows have a more direct political agenda? I prefer them to be more hidden unless I am watching a political show.

Perhaps, my taste in shows and movies is different from other people today.

So, I find myself peeking back into old shows, if you have any suggestions please tell me.

Have you ever tried molasses sweetener?

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