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Why some people hate the taste of wine. (Sorry).

Calling all wine haters ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ My “first-time” trying alcohol ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ

Sip. A fruity white wine dances on my tongue.

I cringe trying my best to swallow.

Eyes squinted; my crowโ€™s feet wrinkles begin to show.

I gulp it down – trying to erase the taste quicker.

I donโ€™t like the taste.

When did I start drinking it? Years ago when trying to meet a deadline.

The more you drink, the less you taste. The more you want

Until you throw up ๐Ÿคฎ.

Disclaimer: To begin with, this is not an anti-drinking campaign.

Religion and ethics have nothing to do with this post. Fundamentally, I just tried to figure out why I don’t like the taste of alcohol because I think I’m a weirdo (which I am).

Lebanese red wine bottles

My first time trying wine. Newsflash: I didn’t like it.

I keep trying wine over and over again. Each sip still makes me squint. No matter how much I drink. Still, I drink from time to time. During stressful times, more than I care to admit.

Mostly, I am a social drinker. I drink in a bar because I remember that scene in the movie Cayote Ugly, where they throw water on people who order non-alcoholic beverages.

“Do we serve water in this bar?”, that part always makes me chuckle. I love the ambiance of the bars. Especially, I like the feeling of getting drunk.

Women eating bruschetta  and drinking wine in a bar.
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However, the actual taste of alcohol I do not like. The taste just does something to my insides that makes me want to crawl out of my own body. It is not for a lack of trying.

Everyone kept telling me it is because it is my first time. Well, it has been more than 100 first times and I still don’t like the taste.

The black sheep of the family

Frankly, my hunt for why I don’t like alcohol is a selfish one. Specifically, I come from a family of drinkers.

Naturally, everyone loves the taste of wine, whiskey, and a family favorite: Arak. My brother especially tried to make me like the taste of alcohol.

Black-sheep of family

I pretty much tried everything from wine, to cocktails, to hard liquor. No luck. There is no drink I genuinely like.

Instead, it always takes me till the second or third drink, to start liking the taste.

Since it stops tasting like much anyway. Oh, and I have a notoriously bad tolerance.

In contrast, high alcohol tolerance is a family trait- at least from the blue-eyed side of the family.

So, to me, growing up around people who love alcohol it was confusing why I, someone with similar genes do not like it.

glasses of tequila with lime and olives
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Is there something wrong with me?

As a teenager and young adult in university, I couldn’t help but wonder if there was something wrong with me?

Woman holding wine glass

Some people don’t drink for religious reasons. Soon, many Muslims will stop drinking because it is Ramadan. Btw, Ramadan Kareem for all those celebrating.

Yet, Muslims don’t drink for religious reasons because it is haram or wrong in their religion. Not because it doesn’t taste good.

A lot of my friends, genuinely like the taste, but try to stop for religious reasons.

I wish there was some superpower where we could just switch, and I would give them my tastebuds.

In my case, there is no religious reason for not drinking. There isn’t a social reason to stop either. As there is high consumption of alcohol in my environment.

As a result, I simply drink less a lot of the time.

What I expected adulthood to be
This is what I expected adulthood to look like (minus the blonde hair).

Why some people don’t like alcohol according to scientists

Dear reader, it all started when I turned 16 and didn’t like a drink. I tried again at 18. Then again, at 20. So on

I assumed that as soon as I became an adult – my tastebuds would magically change. Meh. They didn’t.

I need to find out why.

Naively, I started by finding an article that says: fetal alcohol exposure reduces our responsiveness to taste nerves and increased alcohol intake.

But my mom didn’t drink when pregnant with my brother or sister, so I ruled out that genetic difference. ๐Ÿ˜ญGoogling is harder than it looks.

woman disgusted face expression
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Uncovering my wine mystery

Our genetics are funny. They influence a lot of what we like, eat, and drink. Hey, this is me casually foreshadowing.

The mystery is not that big. Drum roll, please. Bitter receptors or how we perceive bitter tastes influence how we like the taste of alcohol.

This is the one time being bitter is better (if you’re trying to quit). You like the drink less if the tang is bitter. The bitter the better.

If you ever looked at an alcohol bottle, you likely noticed the label Ethanol. This is the compound inside alcohol. Notice, how people sometimes cringe and wince when they take a Tequila shot.

At a basic level, we all feel averse to alcohol because our body recognizes something foreign, and toxic is entering.

Furthermore, humans are sensitive. Some more than others ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ. A gene called the mu-opioid receptor (ORM1) is linked to the sensitivity to rewarding effects of alcohol.

Accordingly, people who are more sensitive to taste– tend to like alcohol less.

Stop being so sour

Sour foods making happy face on plate.
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People who are more responsive to bitterness, sourness, and acidity, tend to drink less alcohol.

Usually, if you can sense someone being sour, you stop talking to them. Our body responds the same way.

You only notice if your sensors are on. We all taste bitterness. It is an aversive or unpleasant response that can help detect when something is toxic in our bodies.

In food and alcohol though, bitterness is sometimes good and even desirable. It has something to do with how our body responds.

Still, even if you have high or low bitter receptors it does not mean you will drink a lot or not.

Our behavior is linked to many social and psychological factors. I do feel a bit better knowing that people taste alcohol differently though.

Weird alcohol stories

I feel hungover even when I don’t drink. Ending on a mystery

Additionally, this is the weirdest thing.

Every time my sister drinks or gets hungover, the next morning, my head starts hurting. I also feel nauseous and can’t stand bright lights.

Maybe, it is all in my head. Or just the smell that makes me feel nauseous. Perhaps, I am too sensitive to smell. Or it is psychological.

Maybe, I am just trying to copy her feelings and trying to feel the same way. Either way, I don’t know why. Do you? Does this happen to you? Or am I going bonkers?

young man in sleepwear suffering from hangover in morning
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Alcohol taste after Covid (post-recovery)

Interestingly, I read a post about a woman who sipped wine and tasted gasoline. This happened after recovering from COVID. There is still a lot unknown about post-covid and taste. But some people are doing smell training. It is still uncertain if it works.

Wine tasted like gasoline.
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Is it time to accept defeat?

In conclusion, I know I made a whole post whining over wine.

The irony did not go over my head. Really, this whole post is sort of to declare why I will not be drinking anymore.

I think, ha. No promises. But there is no point in doing something you don’t like. Even if it means being the black sheep of your family.

Accept being a poser with wine.
I will accept being a poser. Using a wine bottle as an accessory.

Weirdo Alert. If we learned anything about me, I’m weird. Check out more weird info about me here.

Is there something you don’t like that everyone else likes?

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