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‘You’re bored NOT lazy’- love, the procrastination fairy.

Are 7 days enough? That’s one week. Procrastination…

7 days to make a difference.

6 days to explore your options.

5 days to make mistakes.

4 days to procrastinate.

3 days to complain about everything you have to do.

2 days to start panicking, complaining, and get worry-zits.

1 day to cram 7 days’ worth of experiences, feelings, and ideas into your project.

Your deadline is here – calling you – will you pass or fail?

Watch this if you’re too lazy to read the poem 😊

First, let me start by saying – yes, this whole post is to make myself feel better. To stroke my ego so to speak. Really, to make my guilt go away.

I have an agenda though. I will only list the perks of procrastination. At least, I’m telling you this now. 

What is procrastination anyway?

Delaying actions. Putting off doing something intentionally.

Procrastination is a bout delaying.

The procrastination fairy says you can be lazy. So, it’s ok.

You’re lazy. No offense. You’re bored. No offense.

Oh, offense was taken. I fake and phony fairy, with no wings, declare you free of your procrastination worries.

We both know that’s not how things work.

Girl thinking.
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A dramatic boss can knock on your door. Ok, not-so-dramatic it is their job, and well, you have a job too.

If you are going to procrastinate anyway, you might as well relax.

If you are getting high-stress emotions. Agitated. Unable to eat or drink. What is the point?

You are not enjoying yourself. You might as well have completed your assignment.

Are you agitated, stressed, and sweating each second?

Anxiety. Panic. Fear. These are all byproducts of caring.

Your stress means you care about your job. A little crack in your plan makes you stop. You want to be perfect. Scary.

Fear of failing is stopping you from starting. That makes me sad. Truly, if you just did your assignment, it would have finished in less time.

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20 minutes of laser-focused attention. All it takes to tackle an assignment. Yet, we waste hours, twiddling our thumbs.

Just start. Start an assignment poorly on purpose.

Cringe at your word choice. List the words you know, you are not allowed to use in a report. Put the margins outside the printable area *gasps internally*.

Do everything wrong, repeatedly. After listing all your mistakes- then you at least have something to fix.

Fixing things gives us an adrenaline rush. From there, your fear of starting an assignment vanishes. This time, without magic and fake fairies.

Trust me, it works. I do things horribly on purpose.

Even a horrible paper, or assignment, or math problem- have one truth or right thing about it.

When you find the right just expand.

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A message to the real procrastinators, you know who you are 

People who are worried about their assignments are fake procrastinators.

Nope, you’re not procrastinating. Simply, thinking of something can be grounds for inspiration.

When your wheels are turning in your head, anything from a tree shaking funnily, to a car passing can be the source of inspiration.

Famously, Bill Gates and Frank Gilberth said,

I will always ask a lazy person to do a difficult job. Since he or she will do it quicker.

lol, more or less. Other people said this quote too apparently.

Seriously, I agree. A lazy person gets things done, quicker and smarter.

Hence, why is it such a diss? We use this word to make people feel worse about themselves.

When some of the best creations like airplanes, microwaves, ovens, and hairdryers, were made to make life easier.

Thanks to the inventors, life is more accessible for lazy people, like me.

Procrastination is wasting time.

Wasting Time

Usually, we are bombarded with information about how bad laziness is.

A loud authoritative voice, sounding like Morgan Freeman, calls me. Declaring, loudly: Procrastination is the stem of your lacking work.

I’m here to tell you, no. It’s ok to be lazy. Efficiency can be created from procrastination.

Procrastinating with no guilt

Some people simply cherish procrastinating. Happy. Giddy. Free. Relaxed.

This is how people feel when they are underworked, worry-free, and uninterested.

Not being interested is not a crime. We cannot all love everything we do. If we don’t love what we do, maybe, we are in the wrong field.

Hence, here, are a list of the benefits of procrastination.

For the real ones out there, who feel guilty about not feeling guilty.

4 unplanned perks of procrastination.

No guilt

1. You are finding new joys and hobbies.

Bingo. You collected many happy moments to store in your memory piggy-bank. Look, if you are outside bumping into strangers, walking on a thin line of danger.

Who says, you’re wasting time? Your week was newsworthy.

2. You learned lessons.

Spending so much time away from your project means you were exposed to other lessons. You learned something new, without even realizing it.

Eventually, you can apply all that to your assignment when you feel like it.

3. You are more open to inspiration.

Just being alive without a care, is one of the freest feelings. We don’t get to feel that often in our adult lives. So, when you do, savor it.

Hold on tight. You never know when this moment will come again. Being so relaxed- can help you fall on a well of inspiration. 

4. You have more energy.

After procrastinating for a week, when the time comes to work- you have the mind space to go for it full-force.

You know you are not missing out on the fun because you already collected a week’s worth of memories.


In conclusion, procrastinate, if you must. Relax. Enjoy the view.

But don’t do it for more than a week at a time. A couple of months is all it takes to create a habit.

Take a break every other week- you will feel more excited about next week’s workload.

Did you know?

The Latin root of the word procrastination is so relatable.

Stemming from the Latin word, procrastinatus. Roughly translated to, “Do it tomorrow”.

I sort of think “crastinus”, which means “of tomorrow”, in Latin, sounds like my name, Christine.

And I tend to do things tomorrow. No guilt at my end.

Unfortunately, we all still have things to do. Unless you have a trust fund- ignore everything I said.

Go bask in the sunlight on a beach somewhere. I am not judging you. Hell, that is what I hope I will do.

Until I get my sunset, I will do it tomorrow.

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What will you do this week?


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