Easy Writing Tips

Just a few easy writing tips to get you started.





To begin, I always feel like I’m cheating when I do this. But the simplest way to edit is by opening Outlook. Pretend like you are sending an email. Yay, the editor tells you when a word sounds funny. It fixes your sentence structure and grammar. Welp! The editor does not solve all my problems 😭.

Especially, not the ones that make me want to rip my hair out👇🏼.

A list of all the problems that frustrate me when I write. Plus my 4 quick solutions.

1) Need to cut down on words? Quick & easy writing tips

  1. Re-read a sentence. Check if you need the word “a” or “the”. If the sentence still makes sense, you can delete it.
  2. Use adverbs.
  3. Find a string of sentences. See, if one word can replace three.
  4. Check for repetition.
  5. Keep your sentences short and simple. Cancel run on sentences.
  6. Use the plural form when you can. Adding the suffix (s) can save space.
  7. Use tables and graphs to replace words when applicable.

2) Stuck? How to cite sources quickly?

This surprisingly easy writing tip saves time. It used to take me forever to cite my sources. It actually took me longer to cite sources vs. writing.

Simply, open Google Scholar. Enter the title of the article you want to cite in the search tab. Click the (“) icon. Voila, you just cited your first source. You can even pick, which citation type you want.

3) Need to increase words?

Usually, less is more. Being concise is the goal. If you have enough words and information re-consider before adding words. Do you have missing information? You probably do not know enough about your topic. So, research more.

assorted books on shelf. The purpose is to show that you need to research more.
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Go to a well-written article. Check out the resources they cited. You can find more articles and inspiration. The easiest way to start is by picking a specific topic. Also, make sure to define your keyword. Relatedly, provide adequate background information. State your need. Why should anyone read this? What is the benefit? Then, work your way up from there. Provide information on different points of views. Do not just write random information though.

4) Do you always find yourself with a high percentage of plagiarism on Turnitin?

Lastly, my suggestion is to always start with a fresh document. Write about your topic without looking at resources.

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Just write. Transfer everything from your mind to paper. Even if it does not make sense- write it down. Your guess or instinct is often true.

Next, find sources to back up your claim. Or sources that dispute it.

Your misconception might be what others are confused about. So, write it in your essay too. After gathering your resources, copy and paste a list of all your sources, in a separate document. Be sure to insert: the site title, text you pasted, and in text citation on the same document.

Seeing all the information you need on the same page is helpful.

It is easier to organize and decide, which bits you want. Do NOT copy paste into your essay. Place the list of all your sources on a side-by-side document.

Write as you go. Pick a sentence from each source. Mix the sources up in one paragraph. Mix up the order. If the work you are citing on says, “The kid was eating cheese and ham”. Instead , say:

“Ham and cheese are on the menu”.

Just switching the order can go a long way. Use synonyms of the words.

Try not to use the same word in a sentence unless it is unavoidable.

My weird writing style and simple writing tips

The next tips are unconventional. However, they work for me.

Forget the outline. I know this goes against everything everyone says. Outlines limit me. My mind does not work in a compartmentalized way. Everything speaks to me at once.

In school, I used to always write the essay first then the outline. Or opt out of the outline and fail. I think outlines work for many people. It is not a fit with my ADHD.

Find what works for you. Experiment. That is the only way you will learn.

Furthermore, people are surprised I write so quickly. My trick is no fear. Instead, I write without looking at the grammar. I break the rules. I embellish words and sometimes create my own. Then, if I have to submit it to a place with guidelines, I re-write it.

Make your conclusion your introduction.

Lat but not least, I often find myself making my conclusion my introduction. To illustrate, the conclusion is simple. It mentions the key points in a concise way. It is the perfect introduction. Finally, if you still feel like you need more support you can check out our proofreading services.

I hope you found the writing tips helpful 😊Need to save it for later? You can share it via the icons below.