Proofreading Services: For you

Photo of woman proofreading document on laptop.

If you need proofreading services, I got you. If you are overwhelmed and thinking, “What is this”, take a breath.

Just breathe.

Sometimes, I look at my article, essay, or poem and think: what is this. It always helps to have someone else edit your paper.

Why pick me?

Trying to make writing fun again is my mission. Tap into your creativity. Meanwhile, leave the boring and annoying part to me. I offer proofreading services in English. My rate is $0.095 cents per word (the equivalent in LL). Or, $9.5 per 1000 words.

This in person service is available in Lebanon only. For appointments fill out the form below. Are you interested in our services but don’t live in Lebanon? We also provide online services. For more information on how to reach us go here.

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This service is best for academic essays and research. Specifically, my experience is in migration research and academic essays. My focus is on APA style papers. Unfortunately, I do not edit creative writing. I find it takes away the fun of writing. However, I do edit content on websites.

No money? No problem.

I believe education should be open access and free. Writing tips will be shared readily and freely. Likewise, I will provide writing tips I learned as a Graduate Assistant (GA). With simple tips and resources, you can edit yourself. There are a lot of free writing tips available online already. Share your work with a friend. Be open to fresh perspectives.

Free proofreading services for high school students in Lebanon

Nonetheless, I believe we all need a helping hand sometimes. If you are a senior student in Lebanon (of any race), don’t hesitate to ask for help. Exclusively, this free service is for university entrance essays only.

Do you have any questions about writing? I would love to answer all your questions.

Happy writing and editing 😊